Quantarctica – Open Source Antarctica GIS Data

Antarctica gis data
Antarctica gis data

What is Quantarctica?

Quantarctica is an open-source Antarctica GIS data package. It’s freely available for research, education and operation in Antarctica.

Quantarctica is one of those compound words… actually GIS is filled of them!
Geographic + Coding = Geocoding
Multiple + Parts = Multiparts
Quantum GIS + Antarctica = Quantarctica

Antarctica GIS Data

So… what’s part of the Quantarctica data package?

For satellite imagery, it includes Landsat, RADARSAT and MODIS raster datasets. It also includes detailed and simple basemaps.

Quantarctica raster

Quantarctica is the ultimate source for geophysical, glaciological and terrain data for Antarctica. And the data is always expanding with new contributions from the research community!

Quantarctica Vector

Without question, Quantarctica is the only place to start if you want a clear picture of the geography of Antarctica.

Background Information on Quantarctica

This Antarctica GIS data package was originally developed from the Norwegian Polar Institute, but has recently become available for public, non-commercial use in 2013.

More information on downloading the data can be found on the Quantarctica website: Quantarctica: A free GIS package for Antarctica. These datasets were made for open-source GIS packages like QGIS. But it’s not limited to usage in QGIS.

Other Resources

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