Visualizing Satellite Orbits in SaVOIR Software


How to see satellite orbits using SaVOIR software?

The number of Earth observation satellites being launched into orbit has vastly increased over the years.

Given the complexity of orbits and the sheer number of satellites, it’s difficult to understand their current position in space.

SaVoir (Swath Acquisition Viewer) software is a tool that visualizes this complexity. SaVOIR software gives the capability to understand satellite orbits around Earth.

But it’s much more than that.

Identifying Potential Acquisitions

The primary function of SaVOIR software is to give users the potential to identify acquisition over a specific region of interest for a set period of time.  This could be a great resource for disaster/emergency management and search and rescue. SaVOIR software can list all the satellites at the disaster location and provide better emergency management and response.

Another positive feature is how well SaVOIR software delivers information – specifically satellite sensors and the different modes. For radar sensors, the field of regard (all mechanical sensor positions possible) and field of view (sensor pointing in one direction) are there too. Swaths can be downloaded as shapefiles.

Satellite Orbits Examples

GPS Satellite
GPS Satellite

SaVOIR software has most of the optical and radar satellites: DMC, GeoEye, Ikonos, Quickbird, Kompsat, Sentinel 1, 2 and 3, Radarsat-2, Landsat, NOAA, Terra, Aqua and more.

The interesting thing is that SaVOIR software shows the orbits of future satellite missions. This includes Sentinels 1, 2 and 3 and the Radarsat Constellation Mission. This can help plan for any type of future satellite-based monitoring system.

An Educational Tool

From an education standpoint, students can understand the sheer number of earth observation satellites and their location in space.  SaVOIR software gives 2d and 3d perspectives of the Earth.

One of the other neat things is that it includes other planets, moons and sun in our solar system in 3d visualization. This 3d feature is similar to the StarSafari app on ITunes. StarSafari’s motto is that it puts the Milky Way galaxy in the palm of your hand. SaVOIR does the same but with satellites orbiting Earth.

SaVOIR software can:

  • Identify potential acquisitions for specific region and time
  • View orbits of a wide variety of current and future Earth observation satellites
  • Provide a valuable educational tool

If you want to have the big picture of Earth observation satellites with tons of features, the only option is SaVOIR software. A 30 day trial version is available on their website. Give it a test-run and become more aware of the satellites in orbit and their positions in space.

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