Stamen Maps: Elegant Cartographic Design

Stamen Cartographic Maps
Stamen Maps

Stamen Cartographic Maps

Stamen’s Design is a company based in San Francisco, known for their expertise in creating captivating map visualizations. They have an impressive list of past projects including National Geographic, MTV, London Olympic Games, the Weather Channel and many more.

Some of the maps found on the Stamen webpage take cartography to the next level: beautifully designed terrain map, an oily watercolor map, a black and white toner map and an eye-catching fire maps. Well, the last one burns the eyes more than catches the eye, but still are cartographic masterpieces.

Check out more Stamen cartographic maps below:

High contrast toner map:

Terrain hillshade map:

Watercolor map:

Trees, cabs & crime map:

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