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C++ Certification: Best Online Courses and Programs

C++ Courses and Certification

C++ Certification Courses and Programs

C++ certification is designed to show that you have mastered the fundamental skills and knowledge required for you to operate in a software development environment.

If you’re unfamiliar with C++, it’s basically the evolution of C. C++ is for software development that requires higher performance and running heavy tasks with fewer computer resources.

Because C++ programmers have direct access to memory, they have the ability to manage that memory. This is why C++ has a distinct advantage for its high performance.

Let’s take a look at some C++ certification programs that are available that are 100% online and that you can take at your own pace.

1. C++ Developer Nanodegree (Udacity)


The C++ Developer Nanodegree from Udacity will teach you how to build modern software applications using C++, one of the most popular languages for backend systems development.

This course has been designed by developers and engineers that get you programming immediately by building five real-world projects in C++. You’ll even build some GIS tools like a route planner with OpenStreetMap and a traffic simulator using a real urban map.


  • Learn by programming with 5 real-world projects with mentor feedback.
  • Gain the skills you need to succeed in the job market as a software engineer with this Nanodegree program from Udacity.
  • Get career services support to help build up your CV/resume.


  • Although the cost of Udacity is higher than other programs, it’s also a top-notch program filled with job-ready skills to learn.
  • C++ Foundations: Learn the essentials of the language that is used to design thousands of products, apps, and even self-driving cars. It will teach you the basics of developing C++ programs, compiling them, and syntax to create a working application.
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP): Learn how to write clean, reusable code with modern C++. In this course, you’ll learn how to use Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) including classes and interfaces.
  • Memory Management: Learn to master memory management in C++ using the Resource Acquisition is Initialization (RAII) pattern for life cycle resources.
  • Concurrency: Explore the power of parallelism with this C++ course about running multiple execution paths in parallel and how to execute in order.
  • Capstone Project: Build your own application using C++. This Nanodegree program will teach you the skills you need to create a functional, production-ready application using OOP, concurrency, and memory management.

The C++ Developer Nanodegree will teach you C++ syntax, concepts, and techniques through a series of online lessons and projects. You’ll learn about data structures, algorithms, and object-oriented design with this comprehensive course.

This program is designed to teach you the skills needed to become a professional software developer in today’s world.

Duration4 months
CertificationC++ Developer Nanodegree
PrerequisitesIntermediate knowledge of any programming language
Skills AcquiredObject-Oriented Programming (OOP), Resource Acquisition is Initialization (RAII), IO2D Visualization Library, and OpenStreetMap

2. Professional Certificate in C++ Programming Essentials (IBM)


If you’re looking for a way to advance your career, then an IBM Professional Certificate in C++ Programming Essentials may be your answer.

This certificate is designed to provide you with the basic skills and knowledge needed to start programming.

It will help equip you with the ability to write code in a modern language, implement OOP, and improve the quality of your work through data structures and algorithms.


  • Receive C++ certification from a global leader in technology.
  • Great for covering essential C++ programming skills at a low cost.


  • A little light on the applied project side to put your skills to the test.
  • Less on the career services with little support upon graduation.
  • Fundamentals of C++: Get a foundational understanding of the basics of programming and get hands-on experience with this programming language.
  • Object Oriented Implementation Using C++: Get a thorough understanding of Object Oriented concepts using C++ and learn about objects, classes and inheritance, and polymorphism through hands-on labs.
  • Data Structures & Algorithms Using C++: Learn how to build efficient algorithms and data structures using the C++ programming language. You will explore how to use a variety of programming techniques such as recursion, data structures, algorithms, and more.

Enroll in a program designed for anyone with a desire to learn C++ programming in an environment that’s completely self-paced. Whether you’re new to programming or want to brush up on your skills, take the plunge with IBM Professional Certificate in C++ Programming Essentials.

Duration5 months
CertificationProfessional Certificate in C++ Programming Essentials
LevelIntroductory to Intermediate
Skills AcquiredC++, Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Data Structures, and Algorithms

3. MicroBachelors® Program in Programming & Data Structures (NYU)


The MicroBachelors® Program in Programming and Data Structures is designed for those who want to go into software development without a traditional in-class university experience.

With the MicroBachelors®, students will experience a professional learning environment that helps them build their knowledge base in C++. This program is eligible for a program certificate or you can redeem credits through a partnered university.


  • Receive a university-level education with a focus on programming in C++.
  • Because the program is through EdX, you can receive a program certificate or redeem 6 academic credits.


  • Higher cost commitment compared to other programs but still not economical as a traditional university classroom education setting.
  • Introduction to Programming in C++: Get an introduction to the fundamentals of programming in the C++ programming language. You will learn everything from data types to decision branching.
  • Advanced Programming in C++: Gain a deeper understanding in the C++ programming language. This course is designed to teach advanced programming topics such as functions and computation complexity.
  • Introduction to Data Structures: Get a comprehensive introduction to the topics of pointers, dynamic storage, and recursion, which are crucial for developing advanced programs in the C++ programming language.
  • Advanced Data Structures: Get an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of algorithms in C++. The course covers the most advanced data structures and their applications with a focus on trees and tree-balancing algorithms.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in computer programming or data structures, then the MicroBachelors® Program in Programming and Data Structures is an intensive course designed to teach students how to code with C++.

This 9-month program will train students in the latest programming languages, create an extensive portfolio of work, and offer new skills that are in high demand by employers. Upon completion, students will be eligible to redeem 6 academic credits with partnered universities or earn certification.

InstructorNew York University (NYU)
Duration9 months
CertificationMicroBachelors® Program in Programming and Data Structures
PrerequisitesIntroductory to Intermediate
Skills AcquiredC++, Data Structures, Object-oriented Programming, Binary Search Trees

4. C++ Certificate (Codecademy)


The C++ Certificate from Codecademy is a great way to learn the basics of programming. If you’re looking for an easy way to study your first coding language, this program is perfect for you!

With this course, you’ll learn how to code in C++ and create applications with it. It’s also a great way to get ahead in your career as a programmer. Plus, if you know any other languages already, this will already help you think like a programmer.


  • Great way to get hands-on practice online in an immersive coding environment.
  • Create challenging projects like a Harry Potter Sorter Hat, which looks great on a CV/resume.


  • Codecademy is not free of bugs, and there are various issues reported within its online interface.
  • Variables. Conditionals, and Loops: You will learn the concepts behind programming in C++ and the shortcuts that will help you write cleaner and more efficient code.
  • Functions: In this course, you’ll learn how to write C++ functions that are both more flexible and reusable, so you can work faster and more effectively.
  • Classes and Objects: This course is designed as a comprehensive introduction to the C++ programming language, with a focus on classes and objects.
  • References and Pointers: This course will cover the basics of references and pointers, with a focus on the theory and practice of optimization and working with memory.

Learning how to code is now easier than ever. Programs like Codecademy allow you to learn online with the help of an interactive, visual interface. With their interactive learning programs, you can learn about programming concepts and build your own applications.

Plus, with a subscription, students can access many courses for unlimited use at no extra cost. If you’re unfamiliar with coding or want to take your skills to the next level, the C++ Certificate from Codecademy is a great option for anyone who wants to learn how to code with practice.

Duration25 hours
CertificationC++ Certificate
Skills AcquiredC++, Applied Projects, Classes, Objects, References, and Pointers

5. Coding for Everyone: C and C++ Specialization (University of California – Santa Cruz)

University of California - Santa Cruz

The Coding for Everyone C and C++ Specialization is organized in such a way that it illustrates the evolution of C and C++.

With this specialization, you will learn all about the major concepts of programming language syntax and semantics along with the fundamentals of computer science.

You’ll also explore everything else from basic programming constructs and data structures to algorithms, data structures, OOP, and more.


  • Learn online at your own pace with a university lecturer style of education.
  • You get to learn not only C++ but also C, which is a tried-and-true programming language.


  • Homework assignments are peer-reviewed and are highly dependent on peers’ capabilities.
  • This program has lower ratings from students due to the poorly organized structure of the courses.
  • Programming Fundamentals in C: You will learn to think like a programmer as you develop your proficiency in the C language. This course teaches you the fundamentals of programming in C with functions, recursions, arrays, pointers, and a final exam.
  • Structured Programming: This intermediate course will teach you the principles of structured programming and the design and implementation of efficient and practical solutions in C. Then, it finishes the course with a brief introduction to the benefits of using C++.
  • C++ For Programmers: This course is perfect for people who already know C++ at a high level and want to learn to master the powerful C++ language. You will get a strong background in C++ and learn how to write more efficient code with examples and exercises.

If you want to learn a bit of both C and C++ mixed with graph theory, then the Coding for Everyone C and C++ Specialization is a great choice for you. C++ inherits all of the features of C but adds additional features and components related to object-oriented programming and generic programming.

This certificate will teach you how to develop software using C++ with an emphasis on using it as your primary tool, but C programming to complement your skills.

InstructorUniversity of California – Santa Cruz
Duration6 months
CertificationCoding for Everyone: C and C++ Specialization
Skills AcquiredC, C++, and Graph Theory

C++ Certification Programs and Courses

If you’re looking for a career in software development, there’s never been a better time to consider enrolling for C++ certification.

From self-learning cars, video games, web browsers to operating systems, it’s C++ one of the most widely used programming languages.

Because you can directly manipulate memory, it’s often considered one of the most powerful languages available today.

Learning how to code can be difficult for those who are new. But with the growing demand for programming, C++ certification might be the right way to go.

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