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Dataquest Review: Coding Made Easy

Dataquest Review

If there ever was a cheat code to learn how to code, Dataquest would be it. Dataquest is an online platform for hands-on learning in computer programming.

As you master learning how to code, industry experts and leading professionals will guide you every step of the way. Each interactive lesson provides curated data sets and step-by-step tutorials to teach you the latest in data science and analytics.

Looking to get started with Dataquest? Here is a video that will show you how Dataquest works including its pros and cons.

What is Dataquest?


Whether you have a professional goal in mind or are just curious about how data science works, Dataquest will equip you with the skills for your chosen field. It’s one of the best platforms for explaining the material and enables you to think the right way about coding.

You learn by doing. Dataquest teaches you by putting you in the driver’s seat and guiding you along the way. Start with a course that is just right for your skill level. Through practice problems, you will get confident in your coding skills.

Dataquest allows you to understand what you learn on a deeper level. Get hands-on skills through guided projects that closely mimic real-life scenarios so you can sharpen your skills and apply what you’ve learned. Finally, put all these pieces into your portfolio to showcase to employers.

Video: What is Dataquest?

Here is a short video about Dataquest. The focus is on active learning with reading, coding, and getting feedback.

Pros/Cons of Dataquest

Here are some of the biggest advantages and disadvantages of using the Dataquest platform compared to other online learning platforms.

  • Learn and code in a realistic environment without spending a fortune – a free trial option is also available.
  • Dataquest works closely with industry experts to build an up-to-date curriculum and keep it with the latest technologies and best practices.
  • Provides the opportunity to learn at your own pace and in your own time, while being guided with applied projects and expert instructors.
  • Personalize the coding language that you want to learn and build a portfolio to get a head start on your new career path.
  • Less content compared to other platforms. But they are planning on adding additional skill paths such as in data visualization and Excel according to their roadmap.
  • Not as diverse course material and most instructions are based on reading rather than video.
  • Guided projects are relevant but some are not up to the same standard as its course material and other platforms.
  • Not as transparent for pricing compared to other platforms.

Dataquest Reviews and Ratings

Dataquest is one of the top options for learning to code. It allows you to build your data science skills through coding practice and guided projects.

Ease of Use

The explanations on Dataquest are straight to the point and some of the easiest to understand. It enables you to think the right way about coding. For instance, you learn to code within the right context. There are also links to documentation so you get in the habit of reading and checking it as a source of reference.


Although the price of Dataquest is much cheaper than a traditional data science university degree, the cost is still a bit higher than other platforms. For 29$/month, you can get specific content. Otherwise for full access, it costs 49$/month, which doesn’t cost a fortune either.


Dataquest is one of the best for providing meaningful datasets, useful for any data analyst. The course structure and syllabus are logical, with equally well-explained content. The coding examples are also relevant and some of the most comprehensive that you will find on an online platform.


There are many different ways to reach out for help and support when you’re using Dataquest. You can contact Dataquest by email with any questions or concerns, or you can chat with a customer care representative. There is also a knowledge base that is full of helpful tutorials and FAQs to answer your questions. Premium access can also grant you access to career counseling and other perks.

Dataquest At a Glance


67 Data Science Courses and 16 Learning Paths


30+ Guided Projects and 100+ Practice Problems


1 Million + students have enrolled across Dataquest courses

Programming Languages

Here are the main programming languages that Dataquest teaches as part of its platform.


You can go into the Python Path for many things, including web development, system automation, and even game development. But Dataquest focuses on using Python in data science, whether it’s data engineering, machine learning, or data analysis.

R Language

Enter the R Path for statistical computing, which is commonly used in academic research. There are thousands of open-source packages and a vast library of statistical and graphical techniques available out there in R.


Start the SQL Path (Structured Query Language) for you to interact with databases through querying. It’s designed for managing data in relational database management systems and is useful for performing complex queries on large data sets.

Dataquest Paths

Once you pick a programming language, there are two paths you can choose with a wide range of courses.

CAREER PATH: First, you can pick a career path such as a data analyst, data engineer, or data scientist. Career paths are geared at teaching you the necessary technical skills to specialize in a data science career of your choice.

SKILL PATH: Alternatively, you can select a skill path that gives you domain-specific expertise. Skill paths are not focused enough for a full career. Instead, you will learn targeted job-ready skills as a complementary duty in your career.

Dataquest Data Science

Who Is Dataquest For?

Dataquest is for anyone who wants to get into data science. The platform makes it easy to understand the basics of statistics, data analytics, and machine learning. Not only will you simply learn, but you will get practice by doing.

It teaches you skills that are often hard to come by for data scientists. For example, you will learn everything from data cleaning to web scraping and writing command line. These are all important skills for data scientists.

Whether you want to advance in your current job or build a brand-new one, you can use Dataquest as your starting point to unlock the power of data science. Because learning just a few basic skills can have a huge effect on your career opportunities, there’s no easier way than to do it with Dataquest.

Our learners have achieved their career goals, and 97% would recommend us for career advancements. That’s not all — learners saw a median salary increase of $30K.


How Much Does Dataquest Cost?

Dataquest has tiered pricing for several different plans that are available. Remember that you can always start for free, then move up afterward to a better plan. Here are some of the Dataquest plans that are available.

FreeIf you are at the beginning of your education and you want to see if courses are for you, we encourage you to try the introductory lessons. Additionally, you will gain access to practice problems and Dataquest community support.
Premium AnnualThrough a premium annual membership plan, you will get unrestricted content access in Dataquest. This plan offers full access to learn in-demand data skills and certificates of completion for those who complete their assignments and projects.
Premium MonthlyThrough a premium monthly plan, you will get access to the full courses in Dataquest without any restrictions. Learners who complete course content will have the skills needed with a certificate of completion to show employers.
For TeamsBy signing up with a Teams subscription plan, you will get volume discounts for multi-user access. As teams complete courses through unrestricted access, they will receive team performance reports to highlight their success.

How To Start with Dataquest

First, you have to register an account with Dataquest. You will have to include an email and verify that it’s correct. Next, you choose which course you want to get started with. Each course has different skill levels from beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

For any path, you will get a course outline with all the topics Dataquest will teach. If you pick the Python programming path, it will include the following course list.

  • Introduction to Python
  • Intermediate Python and Pandas
  • Data Cleaning in Python
  • The Command Line
  • Working with Data Sources
  • Probabilities and Statistics
  • Advanced Topics in Data Analysis

In Dataquest, you learn by doing. It teaches you by putting you in the driver’s seat and guiding you along the way. The console enables you to get hands-on skills through guided coded practice.

Dataquest Console

As you progress through your coursework, the Dataquest dashboard keeps track of what you have completed and what remains. This is an easy way for you to maintain your progress and ensure you’re on the right track.

Dataquest Dashboard

Dataquest Paths

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Dataquest and its platform.

Why join Dataquest?

Dataquest was created for people who want to explore the world of data and analytics, but don’t have time or resources to commit to a formal degree program. You can select a programming language, work on your own timeline, and at your own pace. Over your coursework, you’ll learn Python, R, and SQL while exploring topics like analytics, statistics, machine learning, and big data. Along the way, you’ll gain access to Dataquest’s community of professionals in analytics who can help answer any questions you might have about this fast-changing field.

Who can take Dataquest classes?

With Dataquest, anyone can learn to code and become a data scientist. Whether you have no coding experience or are an experienced professional looking for a new challenge, Dataquest will provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to build your career as a data scientist.

Is Dataquest legit?

Yes, Dataquest is legitimate with over 1 million students who learn data science online. All lessons are curated by experts in the field and come with assessment tests to measure progress. As students make their way through the curriculum, they’ll be introduced to new topics in a logical manner. This is all backed by an active community of users who help guide learners on their path to becoming data scientists.

How can I get started?

You can start for free with Dataquest without any need to supply a credit card or form of payment. You require an email to register for an account. Then, you can select from a range of introductory courses. The premium plans give you more access to more advanced course material.

Who founded Dataquest?

Vik Paruchuri is the CEO and Founder of Dataquest since 2010.

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