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EdX Review: Invest in Yourself

EdX Review

The emergence of online learning platforms such as EdX has revolutionized education.

EdX takes the best of what universities have to offer—a high-quality, engaging education from excellent instructors in a wide variety of disciplines—and makes it available online for the world to access.

Ready to start your education journey? Then, read more from our EdX review.

EdX Courses and Programs


EdX is an initiative that offers low-cost, university-level courses from 160+ world-class institutions including Harvard, MIT, and Berkeley. The online learning experience, combined with the use of digital resources, provides learners with the best of both worlds: a high-quality education and an individualized one.

The courses offered on the EdX platform span a wide range of disciplines: from physics and astronomy to sociology and computer science. Whether you’re looking for a new career or just want to learn something new, there’s something for everyone on EdX in more than 3000+ courses.

The difference between EdX and other online education platforms is that they only offer high-quality courses from recognized colleges and universities globally. So this ensures that learners everywhere are getting the highest levels of education from only the world’s best instructors.

Video: What is EdX?

If you’re wondering how EdX works, here’s a video to help you get started with the online platform.

Pros/Cons of EdX

Here are some of the biggest advantages and disadvantages of enrolling in EdX compared to other online learning platforms.

  • Access to world-class lectures from top universities and led by experienced professors from Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley, and more.
  • Range of courses available: There are hundreds of free courses to choose from in virtually every subject area.
  • Courses are designed to be taken on your own time and at your own pace as well as in the comfort of your own home.
  • Pay to receive a certificate of completion or university credits and showcase a university-level education to help advance your career.
  • Less hands-on skills practice if you want to learn how to code or get into data science, but boot camps and labs are also available.
  • No in-person instructors or classmates, meaning courses can’t be tailored to individual learning needs or provide any form of mentorship outside of an online forum.
  • Depending on the topic, there are no instructors or mentors to help you if you get stuck.
  • EdX doesn’t offer too much interaction between students and instructors. This can be seen as a negative because it lacks the personal touch that is often associated with an in-person course

EdX Reviews and Ratings

If you’re looking for an educational experience that will push your boundaries and teach you new skills, then EdX is a great place to start your journey.

Ease of Use

If you’ve been struggling to find time for your studies, or if you’ve always wanted to go back to school but couldn’t afford it, EdX might be just what you need. The platform is easy to learn with a straight-forward syllabus for each program. Whether it’s to get a head start for college or to simply learn something new, EdX is becoming increasingly popular with the main requirement being an internet connection.


There are hundreds of courses that you can take for FREE on EdX. But if you want to receive certification or earn university credits, there will be a cost. Some of the popular programs include Professional Certificates, MicroMasters®, MicroBachelors®, and XSeries Programs. Depending on the type of program, the price ranges anywhere between $50 to $5,000.


Whatever your interests or goals may be, EdX has a course for you. Whether you want to learn about computer science from the world’s top universities or brush up on foundational skills that could change your career trajectory for the better, there is a program for that. Overall, EdX is revolutionizing higher education through its online learning platform offering world-class courses on topics ranging from math, science, and business to humanities, social sciences, and arts.


EdX provides great courses, but sometimes people have questions or need help. Within your course, you can receive assistance through the discussion forum. Generally, support is prompt but it completely depends on the professor. Whether you need help signing up for a course or need guidance on how to work within the program, EdX also provides help and support for this too.

EdX At a Glance


2,800 + courses in various subjects from geography to data science


34 million + learners from every country worldwide


100 Million + students have enrolled across EdX courses

Who Is EdX For?


As higher education becomes more accessible, many universities are shifting their focus to online courses. This has created an opportunity for organizations like EdX to offer classes with a real-world classroom experience, but with the flexibility of an online course.

If you’re looking for a more direct link between your work and your education, you can earn a verified certificate of completion once you have completed the course successfully. The EdX platform is for people who want a flexible schedule or personalized learning plan to suit their needs so they can focus on what interests them the most.

If you’re currently employed and are looking for a way to learn or improve your skills, EdX is also a great place to boost your current career. No matter what your area of interest may be, EdX has a course for you to explore.

EdX Certificates and Types of Programs

For anyone who wants to enhance their skills or build new ones, EdX courses are a perfect opportunity to gain an education online. Here are some of the types of programs that are available.

Professional Certificates

The world is changing and so are the needs of today’s employers. The need for skills that are in demand is higher than ever before. Gain the skills needed to succeed in your career with professional certificates.

MicroMasters® Program

This program is graduate-level, for specialized career advancement or a degree path. The MicroMasters® Program is designed to help you keep pace with today’s rapid changes in the workplace.

MicroBachelors® Program

This program is at an undergraduate level designed for career advancement or a degree path. The MicroBachelors® Program provides a high level of education, at the same time can give you a competitive edge for career opportunities.

XSeries Program

The XSeries program delivers a collection of courses that assist in providing a deep understanding of a topic. This type of program can empower professionals to demonstrate marketable skills with a high level of proficiency.

How Much Does EdX Cost?

For many courses on the EdX online platform, there are no course fees at all similar to a MOOC. Although EdX can be taken for free, it also offers a certificate of completion so you show employers that you have a level of proficiency in any subject matter.

Even though EdX certificates have a cost associated with them, the fees are nowhere close to the cost of a traditional education at a university. If you’re looking for a ballpark figure, here are some of the average price ranges for each program.

ProgramPrice Range
Professional Certificates100$ – 2,000$
MicroMasters® Programs1000$ – 2,500$
MicroBachelors® Programs500$ – 2,000$
XSeries100$ – 2,000$

Payments are available through the EdX platform with any major credit card or PayPal. Refunds are typically available after 14 days but make sure to check the current policy as this may change.

There is also an opportunity to receive up to a 90% discount for your course for learners who cannot pay the full cost. In order to receive financial assistance from EdX, you can send in your application. But you still have to identify your household income and submit an essay of at least 1,250 characters.

What Courses Are at EdX

With 3,000 courses available, it’s likely there is something for everyone. To make things easier on you, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular EdX courses taken by tens of thousands of people

Business and Management

EdX offers several courses on Business and Management. These courses are designed for those who are interested in exploring the field of business and want to develop their management skills. For instance, it covers everything from courses on supply chain, communication, and project management.

Computer Science

EdX CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science teaches computer programming and computer science. This introductory course from Harvard University is one of the most popular courses on EdX with over 3 million students already enrolled. It’s widely recognized for its innovative teaching on languages such as C, Python, SQL, and JavaScript plus CSS and HTML.

Data Science

Data science is one of the most in-demand and increasingly important career fields. It’s also one of the fastest-growing, so there are more and more great opportunities for people with data science skills. One of the most popular certificates in the EdX platform is the IBM Data Analyst certificate course which teaches everything from analysis, visualization, to coding.

What Are the Most Popular Courses at EdX?

In terms of popularity, the top courses range in different aspects of learning such as business, programming, and data science. Here are the top four popular courses that are available at EdX:

  • Introduction to Project Management (AdelaideX)
  • Leading in a Remote Environment (HarvardX)
  • Python Basics for Data Science (IBM)
  • The Science of Happiness at Work (BerkeleyX)
EdX Popular Courses

EdX Course Catalog

In terms of course selection, there is A LOT to explore on the EdX platform in a wide range of disciplines. Typically, the best way to find a course that’s best suited for you is to start exploring the EdX course catalog.

EdX Course Catalog

Additionally, you can set filters to fine-tune your search. Here are some of the search filters that you can use:

  • Subject – Computer science, engineering, data analysis, etc.
  • Partner – Harvard University, Amazon Web Services, Google, etc
  • Program – MicroBachelors®, MicroMasters®, XSeries Program or Professional Certificate
  • Level – Introductory, intermediate, advanced
  • Language – English or Spanish
  • Availability – Available now or upcoming
  • Learning Type – Courses or program

How To Start with EdX

First, you will have to register for an account with EdX. You will enter in your full name, email address, public username, password, and country of origin.

EdX Register

It’s not always easy to tell whether a course or certification will be the best fit for you. So in order to pick the best course for you, you won’t be able to check the ratings and reviews left by other learners. Unfortunately, EdX does not include this feature in their course list.

But you can get background information from the professor who teaches the course. If you want to dig a bit further, you can also check the ratings for the instructor through alternative professor rating platforms available online.

In addition to these ratings, EdX also provides a list of what you’ll learn in the course, how long it will take, whether or not there are prerequisites, and any other important information.

Python Basics For Data Science

But you can get background information from the professor who teaches the course. If you want to dig a bit further, you can also check the ratings for the instructor through alternative professor rating platforms available online.

In addition to these ratings, EdX also provides a list of what you’ll learn in the course, how long it will take, whether or not there are prerequisites, and any other important information.

EdX Enroll

After you enroll in a course, you will have the option to either take the course for free or to earn a certificate. Although the free option is tempting to pursue, studies show that students are more engaged and motivated to earn certification.

EdX Certificate Option

When you start your course, EdX will take you to your dashboard, which contains all the important information for your coursework. For example, it contains all the start/end dates, course progress, and a discussion board. Plus, it gives you any completed certificates, email information, and other important account details.

It also keeps track of your current status and progression of any courses that you are enrolled in. Any time you finish any modules, the EdX platform will update what you have completed and still need to finish. This includes everything from reading exercises, videos, and practice quizzes.

EdX App (Android and iOS)

EdX App - Python Basics Data Science

The EdX app enables you to learn from anywhere in the world on your mobile phone. So not only do you get educational content from industry-leading instructors, but you can also take it anywhere in your pocket.

The main advantage of using the EdX app is being able to access the coursework. In the convenience of your mobile phone, you can go through the syllabus and complete each exercise one by one.

With an average rating of 4.5, the EdX app is one of the easiest to use platforms today. When you enroll in a course, you get a high-quality video player, audio, and transcripts. Additionally, you can download to watch videos and test your knowledge through interactive lessons.

EdX Transcript

EdX does not produce academic transcripts that you can show to future employers. Instead, it’s possible to share grades through your Learner Records from your account profile. Keep in mind this is only possible for any program credential certificate.

University Credits

EdX provides an excellent way for you to earn university credit and learn about subjects that interest you from anywhere in the world. That means that if you decide to continue your studies at a university after completing edX, your coursework will give you a head start on your degree program.

As the cost of traditional education in a university setting increases, EdX luckily remains a low-cost option and is a low-rise, flexible credit program. Not only does EdX offer accessible, affordable university credit courses that you can take from the comfort of your home, but you can also learn at your own pace, without live instruction – just an interactive online classroom experience.

Who Are the Instructors at EdX

EdX offers a variety of high-quality educational content from prestigious universities with more than 3000+ courses from 160+ world-class institutions. This goes unmatched in the world of online education and no other provider gives you the world’s most influential educators in a wide range of subjects. Although some instructors can be hit or miss, most teach in an engaging way for you to easily understand.

MITx (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


MIT is a private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with a long history of pioneering new approaches to education and research. MIT remains a well-known leader in higher education and research, consistently ranked as one of the top colleges for its engineering, technology, and science programs. MITx is the EdX branch of MIT with courses in computer science and engineering.

Harvard (Harvard University)

Harvard University

Harvard University is a private Ivy League university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Founded in 1636, Harvard is the oldest institution of higher education in the United States. It’s not the only school that offers an Ivy League education, but it is one of the most well-respected and prestigious institutions in America. HarvardX teaches close to 200 courses on the EdX platform.

BerkeleyX (University of California, Berkeley)

University of California Berkeley

BerkeleyX is an online education program run by the University of California, Berkeley. It consists of a series of online open courses and MOOCs from the University of California Berkeley. Each course is created by UC Berkeley faculty and taught 100% online by UC Berkeley professors in a highly interactive way that often includes video, graphics, readings, writing assignments, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most common questions about EdX.

What is EdX?

EdX started as a joint partnership between MIT and Harvard University as a MOOC provider that offers free college-level courses from professors at the world’s best universities. EdX is a pioneer in the field of online and blended higher education, and the program has produced significant benefits for people around the world.

What is an EdX MOOC?

MOOCs – short for “Massive Open Online Courses” – are online courses designed to be accessible and affordable for students around the world. No matter what you are from, the mission of EdX is to provide MOOCs to anyone seeking education online.

Who can take edX classes?

Anyone with an internet connection can enroll in courses from top institutions, including MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, and Princeton. Millions of learners from around the world are enrolled in courses offered by the online learning program, edX.

Is EdX legit?

If you are wondering whether or not EdX is a legitimate education provider, YES it is a reputable platform. This includes students who want to learn something new, professionals looking to increase their skills, and educators who want to broaden their knowledge base.

Is there a cost associated with edX?

If you are looking for high-quality education without the high tuition cost, EdX will be a great option for you. Many courses on the EdX online platform have no course fees and are similar to a MOOC. In addition, there’s no application process or qualification requirements, and you don’t need to be affiliated with a university to register for a class.

How can I get started?

The best place to learn more and get started is to search through EdX’s course catalog of free classes, which currently offers nearly 3,000! EdX is a not-for-profit enterprise composed of collaborating institutions, both in the United States and internationally, which offers universal access to the best education in the world – so that anyone can learn anything.

What is the history of EdX?

Launched in May 2012 by founding partners Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, EdX offers interactive courses that encourage problem-solving in various topics. EdX is truly “flipping” the classroom so students can watch lectures at home prior instead of coming to class for live instruction. Some EdX courses are developed to allow anyone to receive university credits upon completion.

Who is the CEO of EdX?

Currently, Anant Agarwal is the CEO of EdX. He is a world-renowned professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Summary: EdX Review

Learning the right skills and getting the right credentials are becoming more valuable than ever before. But it can be difficult for people without the available technology or money. EdX is changing education so it’s available to the world. Learn for FREE today on the EdX platform.

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