Gifts For GIS Geeks and Geographers

For Christmas, Black Friday, or any special occasion:

This is the ultimate shopping list for geography lovers.

With a focus on GIS and geography:

Pack these gifts as stocking stuffers for your favorite map nerd or GIS geek.

The Ultimate GIS Gift-Giving Guide

Here is our list of hand-picked gifts that will mean the absolute world to them. Remember that if you’re just looking for maps, check out our unique and decorative ideas and guide on where to buy maps online.

1. HP Desktop
HP Desktop Computer

Price: Up to 60% Off Clearance Items. (HP Deals)

2. National Geographic Maps
Wall Map - National Geographic

Price: $15-$250 (Wayfair)

3. Personalized Map Glass
Personalized Home Town Map Glass

Price: $30.00 (Uncommon Goods)

4. Hero 9
GoPro Hero

Price: $459.98 (GoPro)

5. Dell Clearance Laptops
Dell Laptop Clearance Deals

Price: Up to 40% Off Clearance Items. (Dell)

6. inReach Explorer®+
Garmin Handheld GPS

Price: $449.99 (Garmin)

7. Car Navigation
TomTom Car Navigation

Price: $159.99 (TomTom)

8. Ergonomic Mouse
Logitech Ergonomic Mouse

Price: $99.99 (Logitech)

9. HP Desktop
HP Desktop Computer

Price: Up to 60% Off Clearance Items. (HP Deals)

10. State Cheese Board
US State Cheesboard

Price: $48.00 (Uncommon Goods)

11. DJI Products
Drone Nerds Discount Drones

Price: $500-1,200 (DroneNerds)

12. Road Atlas
Road Atlas

Price: $26.99 (Wayfair)

13. Engraved Skateboard
Custom Engraved Skateboard-Map

Price: $150.00 (Uncommon Goods)

14. Portable Storage G-Drive
Portable Storage Western Digital

Price: $79.99-179.99 (Western Digital)

15. Coloring Tablecloth
Map Tablecloth

Price: $30.00 (Uncommon Goods)

16. Customized Road Map

Price: $49.00 and up (Mapiful)

17. Garmin eTrex GPS
Ordnance Survey GPS

Price: £179.99 (Ordnance Survey)

18. Personalized Map Coasters
Personalized Map Coaster

Price: $65.00 – $75.00

19. Backroad Maps
Backroad Maps

Price: $19.95-149.95 (Backroad Maps)

20. Metallic Globe

Price: $99.99 (Wayfair)