Kafka Certification

If you are thinking about applying your time for Kafka certification, here is a potential alternative designed to help professionals get started and eventually master Kafka.

If you’re not familiar with Kafka, it is a data stream processing framework that lets you process streaming data in real time (such as the one in ArcGIS GeoEvent Server).

As a real-time data processing system, data pipelines are Kafka’s most well-known use case. Though it has many other uses such as streaming logs, IoT sensor data, and ETLs for batch processing.

If you’re looking to learn about implementing Kafka streaming data pipelines or learn how it can benefit your career, here is an alternative to the Kafka certification that can teach you the skills you need to get started.

1. Data Streaming Nanodegree Program (Udacity)


Before you get started on your data engineering journey, you have to understand that this career choice is all about processing large amounts of data and turning it into usable information for analysis.

As such, the Udacity Data Streaming Nanodegree assists you in leveraging Kafka and processing big data at scale. This program will challenge you with various projects as well as your skills in Python, SQL, and ETL.

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  • Designed to give you an edge with Kafka by providing professional training and applied projects that help you land a job.
  • Offers an engaging learning experience that is accessible worldwide, and they are offered at a fraction of the cost of traditional education.
  • Provides career services, CV/resume support, and mentorship throughout the Nanodegree.


  • Online material can feel slightly disjointed moving from one section to another.
  • Although the Udacity Data Streaming Nanodegree offers an engaging learning experience and superior material, the cost is higher than other programs.
  • Foundations of Data Streaming: Enhance your knowledge of data stream processing and how to work with the Apache Kafka ecosystem with this course.
  • Streaming API Development and Documentation: This course will teach you how to construct a real-time data system using Apache Spark, including how to ingest data from Kafka, design and construct a continuous analytics application with Structured Streaming, and visualize data.

If you are a data scientist and you want to learn about data streaming, the Udacity Data Streaming Nanodegree program is for you. The program covers a wide range of topics related to data streaming, from how to design data pipelines with Apache Kafka to building a real-time analytics application. Overall, you’ll learn how to work with Apache Kaka to process big data at scale.

Duration2 months
CertificationData Streaming Nanodegree Program
PrerequisitesIntermediate Python, SQL, and experience with ETL
Skills AcquiredApache Kafka, ApacheAvro, Kafka Connect, REST Proxy, Spark Streaming, KSQL, Spark Cluster, and Faust Stream Processing.

Kafka Certification and Courses Alternatives

In any fast-paced and highly competitive industry, there is a need for organizations to have the ability to process and store massive amounts of data. In order to achieve this, companies today are turning towards Kafka data streaming technology.

It’s a distributed streaming platform that allows users to process vast amounts of data in real-time by breaking it up into smaller chunks before sending each chunk through a Kafka Streams Processing Pipeline.

Kafka uses a log to store messages from producers and consumers. Messages are processed as they flow through the system, which is known as a data pipeline.

Today, we’ve provided you with an alternative for Kafka certification that will help you become a better data engineer and build your own data pipeline.

Data Engineer and Scientist Certification Courses

If you’re still interested in the field of data science, here are some other courses you might be interested in signing up for.

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