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React Certification: How To Learn ReactJS

React Courses and Certification

React Certification: How To Learn ReactJS

A fully-fledged React certification training course will teach you all the skills required to be an expert in this JavaScript framework.

React is one of the most popular Javascript frameworks for front-end development and building fast and interactive user interfaces.

Facebook developed ReactJS for its reusable UI components giving more flexibility and making it easier to maintain.

This article will help you understand what ReactJS is and how you can get certified to become a professional React developer.

1. React Developer Nanodegree (Udacity)


Learn to build cutting-edge web applications and games with React, a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. The React Nanodegree program teaches you how to build interactive websites and mobile apps that are enjoyable to use and easy to maintain.

You’ll learn by completing challenges in the form of projects where you apply your skills to real-world scenarios and learn its architecture inside out.


  • Get a thorough review process for the skills you develop including best practices and personalized feedback.
  • Focuses on career growth and optimizing your future with technical mentors and personal career coaches.
  • Complete real-world projects to showcase your CV/resume to future employers.


  • Nanodegrees are considered one of the highest quality of education for obtaining programming skills but it’s also the most costly.
  • React Fundamentals: This course will teach you the fundamentals of React and help you get started in building production-ready apps and composable user interfaces.
  • React & Redux: Everything you need to know about React and Redux is in this course. It takes you step by step through the process of building enterprise-level apps using React and Redux.
  • React Native: Learn how to build cross-platform applications with React Native, a framework that makes use of the JavaScript language on both iOS and Android.

The React Nanodegree certification program will teach you what goes into building a successful ReactJS application. From understanding React’s architecture and key concepts to learning how to build your own app from scratch, this nanodegree covers everything you need to know to understand and design with React.

Duration3 months
CertificationReact Nanodegree
PrerequisitesHTML, JavaScript, & Git
Skills AcquiredReact, Redux, and React Native

2. React Certificate (Codecademy)


If you’re not already familiar with Codecademy, it’s an online platform that provides interactive learning tools to teach you how to code.

With the React Certificate from Codecademy, you’ll learn the basics of ReactJS, including how to create components, use hooks, learn about lifecycle methods, and other advanced topics.

Most importantly, you’ll work on applied projects building a random color picker, authorization form, and interactive interfaces.


  • A wide range of features like quizzes, live coding, project demonstrations, and more.
  • Build various projects to test your skills and showcase your experience.


  • Some of the courses can be buggy without accepting proper inputs.
  • It’s not as good as teaching the mindset of a coder being in a sandbox-type of learning environment.
  • JSX: Learn the syntax for React.js and transform your front-end development.
  • React Components: Explore how to create React Components, which are like the building blocks of any application.
  • Components Interacting: Master the art of creating React components and interactions.
  • Hooks and Lifecycle Methods: Learn how to create hooks that run their actions during specific moments in the component’s lifecycle.
  • Stateless Components From Stateful Components: With this course, you will gain the skills necessary to create components with a stateless or stateful approach.

With the React Certificate from Codecademy, you can learn how to code in ReactJS with just some prerequisite knowledge in HTML and JavaScript. Along the way, you’ll come across applied projects that will test your knowledge of React.

If you’re looking to get your hands dirty with React, or have been wanting to switch careers into programming, the React Certification from Codecademy can help you kick-start a career in front-end development.

Duration20 hours
CertificationReact Certificate
PrerequisitesHTML, JavaScript
Skills AcquiredJSX, Components, Props, State, Lifecycle Methods, and Hooks

3. Professional Certificate in Full Stack Cloud Developer (IBM)


IBM offers a 10-course Professional Certificate in Full-Stack Cloud Developer that will teach you how to build full-stack native cloud applications.

Not only will you explore how to use React for front-end development, but you will also learn other essential skills like Node.js, Python, NoSQL databases, HTML5, and much more.


  • It’s a professional certificate program that’s jam-packed with the essential skills to become a full stack cloud developer.
  • Receive certification from a global leader at a cost-effective price.


  • If your goal is just to learn React, then you should consider one of the other programs available.
  • Developing Cloud Applications with Node.js and React: From React JavaScript frameworks to creating a Node.js backend and deploying on the Cloud, this course will teach you everything you need to know to develop, deploy and scale your web applications.
  • Full Stack Application Development Project: Take a deep dive into front end and back end development. Learn to build and deploy a full stack real-world web application with this full stack application development project.

Acquiring a full-stack cloud developer certificate can help you differentiate yourself from other developers who may not have this credential. Even though the IBM Professional Certificate in Full-Stack Cloud Developer program has 10 full courses, you can still master what it takes to build powerful cloud applications.

Duration6 months
CertificationProfessional Certificate in Full-Stack Cloud Developer
LevelIntroductory to Intermediate
Skills AcquiredReact, NodeJS, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, REST API, NoSQL Databases, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Istio, Python, AI, Django, and SQL.

React Certification: How To Learn ReactJS

Taking care of your career is an essential part of life. From the moment you enter the workforce, you need to keep up with industry changes and technological advancements to stay employable in your field.

One way to do this is by obtaining a professional certificate that sets you apart from your competition. React certification provides a wide variety of benefits and opportunities.

Since the initial release of React, the framework has become one of the most popular and widely used on the web for front-end development.

Learn React by taking these certification programs. While Udacity offers an extremely challenging set of hands-on projects, you can really practice coding with Codecademy. Finally, IBM is the most versatile React certification option that teaches you what it takes to be a full-stack cloud developer.