Zonal Statistics Feature
GIS Analysis

How To Use Zonal Statistics

Zonal Statistics uses groupings to calculate statistics (sum, mean, maximum, etc) for specified zones like countries, watersheds or parcels.

Mosaic Tool Feature
GIS Analysis

How To Mosaic Raster Datasets

A mosaic combines multiple raster images to obtain a seamless raster. We show you how to mosaic raster datasets in ArcGIS and QGIS.

Least Cost Path Feature
GIS Analysis

Least Cost Path Analysis in GIS

The least cost path finds the most cost-effective path, from a start point to a destination, making it a useful tool for linear routing.

DEM holes - Fill NoData
GIS Analysis

How to Fill NoData for Raster Data

SAGA GIS has a quick and dirty tool to fill NoData holes with raster data. We show you how to close gaps in DEMs or any raster data with holes in it.

Map Algebra
GIS Analysis

What is Map Algebra? [Raster Math]

Map algebra is a cell-by-cell combination of stacked raster grids. It uses math-like functions with arithmetic, statistics and trigonometry operators.

Raster Clip Tool Feature
GIS Analysis

Raster Clip in GIS

Save time by learning how to clip rasters in ArGIS using the raster clip tool in ArcToolbox as well as the clip button in the Image Analysis Toolbar.