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5 Types of Network Analysis in GIS

Geometric networks in GIS enable connectivity between lines on a map, supporting network analysis by establishing a linear flow and routing.

full motion video fmv

What is Full Motion Video (FMV)?

Full motion video ties your videos with maps. As you play a video, it doesn’t just show a moving point. It shows the whole video footprint on the map.

Geostatistics Feature
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What is Geostatistics?

Geostatistics is the study of statistics with a focus on finding patterns of geographic phenomena using variograms, kriging and validation.

Linear Referencing System
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Linear Referencing Systems (LRS)

Linear referencing systems (LRS) store relative positions on an existing line feature with m-values for point/line events and linear analysis.

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How Does Geotagging Work?

When you take a photo with your GPS on, it stores its physical location where the photo was taken. Geotagging assigns coordinates to photos.

What is Geocoding
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What Is Geocoding?

Geocoding takes an address, then translates it to a location on a map. It changes an address to lat long coordinates (latitude and longitude).