Where To Buy Maps Online

5 Places to Buy Maps Online

Maps are incredibly useful tools in a number of different ways. From exploring the best hiking trails to just finding where you need to go, the use cases for maps are endless.

But it’s not only for their practical purpose. Their colors, symbology, and cartography can make them aesthetically pleasing.

Maps can also be used to communicate stories, which is why they are so popular among artists and writers.

But it’s not always easy finding the right map. In this blog post, we’ll give you our top tips on where you can find the best maps online to buy and hang up on the wall as your own cartographic masterpiece.

1. MAPS.com

#1 for the widest selection of maps in the US and world

If you’re looking for a wall map, globe, atlas, or any type of map, MAPS.com should be your first choice. No one has a larger selection (10,000+ maps) than the MAPS shop – not even Amazon. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Wall maps (World, regional, political, historical)
  • USA maps (Country, state, and city)
  • Map art & decor (Deco, retro style, and other types of maps)
  • Travel maps (Road, hiking, fishing, trails, and national parks)
  • Historical maps (Battle and antique maps)

Best of all, prices are competitive (even as low as 5.00$) so you can make the MAPS shop your home away from home. Visit the MAPS shop to find the perfect map for your home, office, classroom, or anywhere else you want to display some hometown pride!

#1 for maps of Canada and the northern US

2. Cut Maps

#1 for ornamental maps

Cut Maps

Create your own custom map. Whether you’re looking for a city map, road map, or ornamental map, Cut Maps has one of the nicest selections of maps online.

  • Stainless steel maps (USA states and city skylines)
  • Wood and cork maps (Keep track of all your travel adventures)
  • Custom print maps (Matte boards)

Find the perfect map to show off your travels, no matter how big or small. Choose from a wide variety of map styles and locations, or travel decor. Express your wanderlust and creativity by displaying your own map from Cut Maps.

3. Backroad Maps

Backroad Mapbooks

For any Canadian outdoor adventurer, Backroad Maps allows you to easily find the mapbook for your next backroad adventure. Order your Backroad Mapbook online and have it shipped to your door including:

  • Topographic maps (1,500+ large-scale topo maps)
  • Recreation maps (Road and trail coverage)
  • Waterproof and tear-resistant (Hunting and fishing maps)
  • GPS Maps (Garmin-licensed GPS maps)
  • Folded maps and wall map format

From the Rocky Mountains to Atlantic Canada, you’ll be able to find everything you need to explore the great outdoors. So no matter where you’re heading, Backroad Maps will help you never get lost.

4. Hema Maps

#1 for maps of Australia and New Zealand 

Hema Maps

If you’re based in Australia or New Zealand, Hema Maps has a curated selection of maps, atlases, guides, and navigation devices that will inspire you to make the most of your journey. It includes everything from the following:

  • Folded and wall Maps (State, city, and regional maps)
  • International maps (Asia, Africa, North America, South America, and Europe)
  • Mobile apps (Hema 4WD and Hema 4×4 Explorer)
  • Books and travel guides
  • Map stickers, hiking and bushwalking maps

Discovering new places for the first time is a thrilling experience. But with so many unknowns, it can be hard to know what to expect. That’s where Hema Maps comes in for mostly your Australia and New Zealand needs.

5. Ordnance Survey

#1 for the United Kingdom maps

Ordnance Survey

The Ordnance Survey got Britain mapped! You’ll find every detail of the country, from the hills of the Lake District to the coast of Cornwall, from the Scottish Highlands to the Welsh hills and valleys. Here’s what’s available at Ordnance Survey. But they mostly come in 4 varieties:

  • Explorer maps (Footpaths, parking lots, contours, campsites, and more)
  • Landranger maps (Hiking, cycling, and driving)
  • Road maps (Point A to B road maps)
  • Tour maps (Landmarks and tourist spots)

Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or you’re just starting out, the Ordnance Survey maps and guides are the perfect companions to an unforgettable adventure.

Where To Buy Maps Online

A map is a work of art that can add a bit of punch to a room. Because when you hang it up in your office, it suddenly becomes an attractive focal point.

Plus, it’s a great conversation starter when people walk into your office for the first time.

In this blog post, we’ve provided you with some best options for where to buy maps online.

So whether you are planning a short trip around town, or an epic cross-country journey, we hope that you have all the details you need to buy the perfect map. Find out more about maps with some of our resources below.

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