Maptitude GIS Software

Maptitude From Caliper (Review)

Maptitude prides itself as an affordable one-stop shop GIS on the market, with a low learning curve. It shines in business and transportation analyses.

Least Cost Path Feature
GIS Analysis

Least Cost Path Analysis in GIS

The least cost path finds the most cost-effective path, from a start point to a destination, making it a useful tool for linear routing.

gis jobs ideas
GIS Career

GIS Jobs and Career Resources

The key to finding GIS jobs is knowing where to search. Tech-saavy GIS practitioners can go beyond other graduates because of their talented skill-sets.

Slope Aspect
Maps & Cartography

What is an Aspect Map?

In the mountains, the terrain slopes are in all directions – east, west, north and south-facing. The compass direction that the slope faces is slope aspect.