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San Jose Crime Map

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Dangerous Neighborhoods in San Jose

Below is our San Jose crime map, your go-to resource for exploring the safety of this city.

East San Jose

Located in the eastern part of the city, East San Jose has, at times, experienced higher crime rates compared to other neighborhoods. While this area is culturally diverse and offers affordable housing, some parts have faced challenges related to property crime and gang-related activity.


Situated in the southern part of San Jose, the Franklin-McKinley area has, on occasion, faced higher crime rates, including property crimes. However, community organizations and law enforcement have worked to address these challenges and foster a safer environment.

Alum Rock

Alum Rock is an area located in the northeastern part of San Jose. It has seen higher crime rates compared to other parts of the city, with property crimes being a notable concern in the past.

Central San Jose

Central San Jose includes downtown and nearby neighborhoods. While downtown is a popular area, it has, in the past, struggled with issues such as property crime, theft, and occasional violent incidents. Efforts have been made to improve safety and revitalization.


Located in East San Jose, the Santee neighborhood has experienced crime rates above the city average in some years. It’s essential to note that the situation can change over time due to community initiatives and law enforcement efforts.

Don’t forget that crime rates can vary from year to year. For the latest and most accurate information on crime rates in San Jose neighborhoods, we recommend checking official San Jose crime reports and local law enforcement resources.

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