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About the map

California State Map Extent

This map of California displays major cities and interstate highways. For example. it features a variety of landscapes like valleys, mountains, rivers, deserts, and lakes.

If California somehow left the United States, it would be the world’s 7th highest superpower. Needless to say, it is a state regarded to have a high power of geopolitical influence and entertainment capital of the world.

The state of California has a higher population than Canada with more than 38.8 million people. In fact, Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the United States, just after the New York City. Other major cities include San Diego, which is the second-largest city and southernmost city in California. Otherwise, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, and Sacramento (the state capital) are the next most populous cities.

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California state capital


Major cities in California

Los Angeles
San Diego
San Francisco
San Jose
Long Beach
Santa Ana
San Bernardino

Interstate highways

Interstate-5 (I-5)
Interstate-8 (I-8)
Interstate-10 (I-10)
Interstate-15 (I-15)
Interstate-40 (I-40)
Interstate-80 (I-80)

Lakes, rivers and creeks

Lakes and Reservoirs in California
Lake Tahoe
Goose Lake
Trinity Lake
Shasta Lake
Clear Lake
Lake Oroville
Salton Sea
Merced Lake
Lake Berryessa
Mono Lake
Lake Havasu
Owens Lake
Honey Lake
Lake Almanor
Eagle Lake
Alkali Lakes
Upper Lake
Clear Lake Reservoir
Rivers in California
Colorado River
Klamath River
Pit River
Eel River
Russian River
San Joaquin River
Kern River
Owens River
Trinity River
Salinas River
Bays and Channels in California

Monterey Bay
Bodega Bay
Santa Barbara Channel

Mountains, valleys and islands

Mountains in California
Sierra Nevada
Klamath Mountains
Warner Mountains
White Mountains
Diablo Range
Santa Lucia Range
Santa Ynez Mountains
Panamint Range
Amargosa Range
Chocolate Mountains
Imperial Valley
Mount Whitney
Mount Shasta
Lassen Peak
Valleys and deserts in California
San Joaquin Valley
Sacramento Valley
Death Valley
Mojave Desert

The lowest elevation in California is 282 feet below sea level (Death Valley).

Islands in California
San Clemente Island
Santa Catalina Island
San Nicolas Island
San Miguel Island
Santa Rosa Island
Santa Cruz Island
Capes in California
Point Conception
Point Arguello
Point Piedras Blancas
Point Sur
Point Reyes
Point Arena
Punta Gorda
Cape Mendocino
Trinidad Head
Point St George
Channel Islands

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