High-Tech Weather Maps That Will Put You on Cloud 9

Because when it rains, it pours

Most Beautiful Weather Maps
Most Beautiful Weather Maps

Some of the most beautiful weather maps on the web

Weather plays a huge part in our everyday lives.

Your camping trips and sporting events rely on good weather.

Crops need a combination of sunlight and rain for photosynthesis.

And you probably need sunny days to keep your amazing tan.

We all know that weather is a location-based occurring phenomena. That’s for certain. That’s why mapping it is so important.

Today, we explore the weather with some of the most beautiful maps on the web.

1 Global Wind and Temperature Weather Map

Earth Nullschool: Global Wind & Temperature Beautiful Weather Map
Source: Earth Nullschool Global Wind & Temperature Map

The data being shown in the Earth Null School maps comes from a variety of sources including NOAA’s global forecast system, OSCAR’s ocean currents.

NOAA’s Sea Surface Temperature and Natural Earth Geographic Data. Updates for the ocean currents come in every 5 days. Temperature are updated daily. They are derived from ocean surface temperatures from daily averages between 1971-2011.

2 Real-Time Lightning Map

Real Time Lightning Map
Source:Real Time Lightning Map

Based on user feedback, there’s been quite a lot confirmation on how accurate this tool is.

So how do they get real-time lightning information anyhow?

This map uses data from the blitzortung lightning detection network. A lightning receiver detects electromagnetic discharges from the atmosphere. The time of arrival of the lightning strike and position of the receiver are used to establish the geographic location of the strike.

3 Solar Irradiance Map

Solar Irradiance Map
Source: Solar Irradiance Map

3Tier is a global leader in renewable energy such as solar power. They have produced this beautiful weather map to illustrate global horizontal irradiance (GHI) which is the most important variable for energy production of solar panels. The GHI data has been averaged out over 10 years of satellite collection and has validated well with surface observations.

4 Wind Map

Hint Wind Map
Source: Near-term Forecast Wind Map

This well-crafted cartographical map for the continental United States shows surface wind as near-term forecasts. The wind data comes from the National Digital Forecast Database and is revised once per hour. Also interesting is the maximum and average wind speeds for the day.

5 Night Day Boundary

Night Day Boundary
Source: Night Day Boundary

This map has always been one of my favorites. Temperature is affected by the time of the day so I am throwing this one in here. The night-day boundary map illustrates which parts of the Earth that people are fast asleep and are wide awake.

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