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50 Map Projections Types: A Visual Guide

map projection types - a guide to the various ways to project maps

50 Map Projections Types

If you’re in need of a visual reference guide to the various map projection types… Then, look no further.

Because we’ve pumped out a goldmine of the top 50 global map projections used by cartographers today.

From Aitoff to Winkel, these map projections are your blueprint for designing cartographic masterpieces.

Because it’s all about the audience… Let’s map with authority and dig right into the BIG LIST of map projections.

A Visual Reference Guide

Scroll down to see all 50 map projection examples. What’s your favorite? Which ones have you used in your maps?

1. Aitoff


2. Azimuthal Equidistant

azimuthal equidistant

3. Behrmann


4. Berghaus Star AAG

berghaus star aag

5. Bonne


6. Cassini


7. Compact Miller

compact miller

8. Craster Parabolic

craster parabolic

9. Cube


10. Cylindrical Equal Area

cylindrical equal area

11. Eckert-1


12. Eckert-2


13. Eckert-3


14. Equidistant Conic

equidistant conic

15. Equidistant Cylindrical

equidistant cylindrical

16. Equidistant Cylindrical ARC System

equidistant cylindrical arc system

17. Flat Polar Quartic

flat polar quartic

18. Fuller


19. Gall Stereographic

gall stereographic

20. Goode Homolosine Land

goode homolosine land

21. Goode Homolosine Ocean

goode homolosine ocean

22. Hammer Aitoff

hammer aitoff

23. Hotine


24. Loximuthal


25. Mercator


26. Miller Cylindrical

miller cylindrical

27. Mollweide


28. Natural Earth

natural earth

29. North Pole Gnomonic

north pole gnomonic

30. North Pole Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area

north pole lambert azimuthal equal area

31. North Pole Orthographic

north pole orthographic

32. NSIDC EASE Grid Global

NSIDC EASE Grid Global

33. Patterson


34. Plate Caree

plate caree

35. Polyconic


36. Quartic Authalic

quartic authalic

37. Robinson


38. Sinusoidal


39. South Pole Azimuthal Equidistant

south pole azimuthal equidistant

40. South Pole Stereographic

south pole stereographic

41. Earth from Space

earth from space

42. Stereographic


43. Times


44. Two-point Equidistant

two-point equidistant

45. Van der Grinten

van der grinten

46. Vertical Perspective

vertical perspective

47. Wagner


48. Wagner-2


49. Winkel-1


50. Winkel Tripel

winkel tripel

Types of Map Projections

Now that you have an arsenal of map projections, it’s time to put what you know into action.

Take a fresh approach to your next map…

Because there’s nothing quite like creating a work of art.

So which map projection suits your needs most?

Additional Resources

Here are some more helpful references for map projection types:

What’s your favorite map projection and why? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. I picked Gall stereographic because it is flat and easier to tell otherwise I would keep having to turn it around so that is why I picked the flat one.

  2. I would’ve liked a map that flipped the placement of the Americas with the placement of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Otherwise, these were super interetsing.

  3. Great collection! How about Equal Earth and Spillhaus? Makes a round 52, “A map a week keeps the cobwebs away”

  4. For learning, it is never too late. I feel like a child who got a doll to play with. Looking at maps is my favourite hobby, feel that this site information will enhance my interest and knowledge.

  5. This is an interesting collection. I think it adds about 40 to the number of variants that I delt with over 30 years and schools in Alberta, Queensland, West Autralia and university Geography departments in Minnesota and Washington State.
    However I was introduced to the one I liked most in 1957. It was a book that displayed great circle portions of the world. It came from WW2 Strategic Bombing planning.

    It gave a perspective that gave meaning to the curvature of the earth.

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