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Boston Crime Map

Boston Crime Map Neighborhoods

Stay informed about crime in “Beantown” with our Boston crime map. By using this map, you can uncover crime hotspots and stay vigilant. You can also get more street information with our Boston road map. Here are some of the most dangerous neighborhoods with a history of high crime rates.


As one of the largest neighborhoods in Boston, Dorchester has experienced higher crime rates in certain areas. However, it’s also important to note that Dorchester is a diverse neighborhood with many safe communities.


Even though our map doesn’t show much as a crime hotspot, Roxbury has faced challenges with crime rates in the past. This is particularly true in certain pockets of the neighborhood (as shown in our Boston neighborhood map). However, efforts have been made to improve safety and promote community development.

South End

South End, like any neighborhood, has areas with varying levels of safety. While generally considered a desirable neighborhood, certain areas of the South End have experienced higher crime rates in the past. However, the South End has seen significant revitalization and is now known for its restaurants, shops, and cultural attractions.

It’s difficult to see crime rates in Downtown Boston, so here’s a zoomed-in version of the map. This includes high-crime areas such as South End, Roxbury, and North Dorchester.

Boston Crime Map Downtown

While a Boston crime map can display crime incidents in the city, it may not capture the complete picture of criminal activity in all areas. We advise for you to check local crime statistics including the City of Boston’s Public Safety statistics and the State of Massachusetts crime statistics.

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