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Cleveland Crime Map

Cleveland Crime Map Neighborhoods

It’s always a good idea to stay informed and take necessary precautions when exploring any neighborhood. That’s why we’ve created this Cleveland crime map to show hot and cold spots of safety in the city. Here are a few neighborhoods in Cleveland that have experienced higher crime rates.


Central-Kinsman is southeast of Downtown, known for its predominantly residential character and community revitalization efforts. This neighborhood has faced challenges related to crime, poverty, and limited economic opportunities.


Hough is located on the east side of Cleveland, approximately three miles northeast of Downtown. It has struggled with higher crime rates in the past. This includes issues related to poverty, drug activity, and occasional incidents of violence.


Buckeye-Shaker is situated on the east side of Cleveland and is known for its diverse community and historic homes. Buckeye-Shaker has experienced issues related to property crime, drug activity, and occasional instances of violence.


Glenville is another neighborhood that has experienced higher crime rates historically. This neighborhood approximately five miles east of Downtown has faced challenges related to gang activity and some violent crimes.

Slavic Village

Slavic Village is southeast of Downtown, known for its rich immigrant heritage, historic homes, and recent revitalization efforts. It has faced some challenges related to crime, particularly property crimes and occasional instances of violence.

Cleveland Crime Map

As shown in our Cleveland crime map, crime isn’t concentrated in a single area. Instead, it’s distributed throughout the city with pockets of dangerous neighborhoods.

Please remember that this information is based on historical data, and neighborhoods can change over time. We always recommend consulting local sources, community organizations, and law enforcement agencies for the most up-to-date information on neighborhood safety in Cleveland.

Cleveland Crime Map

Click on the image to see our original crime map of Cleveland with interstate highways.

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