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About the map

Delaware Map Extent

In this map, you will find major rivers, bays, and lakes of Delaware. In general, the rivers and streams of Delaware flow into the Atlantic Ocean.

Delaware Bay is an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean, partially forming the border for New Jersey. It also serves as an outlet for the Delaware River, which spans 5 states.

The largest lakes in Delaware include Lums Pond, Silver Lake, and Trap Pond. Other than Delaware Bay, both Rehoboth Bay and Little Assawoman Bay are broad inlets of the sea in Delaware. The Delaware River is the longest river in the state of Delaware.

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Delaware lakes, rivers, and bays

Lakes and bays

Delaware Bay
Rehoboth Bay
Little Assawoman Bay

Rivers, canals and streams

Delaware River
Brandywine Creek
Smyrna River
Leipsic River
Nanticoke River
Indian River

Murderkill River
Chesapeake & Delaware Canal
Christina River
St Jones River
Mispillion River

Lakes, bays and ponds

Red Mill Pond
Lums Pond

Silver Lake
Trap Pond

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