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Detroit Crime Map

Dangerous Neighborhoods in Detroit

When it comes to crime, Detroit is on the top 10 list of most dangerous in the United States. Our Detroit crime map highlights hot and cold spots of crime in “The Motor City”.

NeighborhoodLocationTypes of Crimes
BrightmoorNorthwest Detroit, near the Rouge RiverHigh rates of property crimes and violent incidents.
East English VillageEastside, near Grosse PointeFrequent thefts, burglaries, and occasional assaults.
MidtownCentral Detroit, near Wayne State UniversityRobberies, assaults, and property crimes.
Southwest DetroitSouth of Downtown, includes Mexicantown areaDrug-related crimes and violent offenses.

Detroit Crime Map

Click on the image to see our original crime map of Detroit with interstate highways and neighborhoods.

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