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El Paso Zip Code Map

El Paso Zip Code Table

Check out our El Paso zip code map. This map showcases the interstate highways and postal regions. We allow you to download this map for personal reference.

Zip CodeNameStatePopulationSquare Miles
79901El PasoTX12,8932.25
79902El PasoTX21,6435.98
79903El PasoTX17,6953
79904El PasoTX34,74011.61
79905El PasoTX26,4265.8
79906El PasoTX10,2778.44
79907El PasoTX56,94813.52
79908El PasoTX2,1390.78
79911El PasoTX8,2236.91
79912El PasoTX78,50025.94
79915El PasoTX39,0739.81
79922El PasoTX8,1286.73
79924El PasoTX60,57923.63
79925El PasoTX40,26613.13
79927El PasoTX41,12826.79
79928El PasoTX66,593183.78
79930El PasoTX26,8198.07
79932El PasoTX28,95313.95
79934El PasoTX28,48248.15
79935El PasoTX18,1963.77
79936El PasoTX11,261518.95
79938El PasoTX83,918216.04
79968El PasoTX20.28

El Paso Zip Code Map

Click on the image to see our original zip code map of El Paso with major interstate highways.

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