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Fort Lauderdale Zip Code Map

Here is our zip code map of Fort Lauderdale, located in the heart of South Florida. With zip codes ranging from 33301 to 33394, our zip code map outlines the various postal areas. Download for free as long as you use it for personal use.

Fort Lauderdale map collection

Fort Lauderdale Zip Code Table

The table below includes all the zip codes in the Fort Lauderdale area with population and area. Don’t forget to check out our map of Fort Lauderdale for street and general city information.

Zip CodeNameStatePopulationSquare Miles
33301Fort LauderdaleFL20,0892.6
33304Fort LauderdaleFL20,7733.47
33305Fort LauderdaleFL12,0962.26
33306Fort LauderdaleFL2,8860.85
33308Fort LauderdaleFL29,9814.89
33309Fort LauderdaleFL36,20810.57
33311Fort LauderdaleFL67,15710.77
33312Fort LauderdaleFL50,50811.58
33313Fort LauderdaleFL59,2705.97
33314Fort LauderdaleFL27,6538.81
33315Fort LauderdaleFL12,7585.59
33316Fort LauderdaleFL12,7245.35
33317Fort LauderdaleFL37,4529.64
33319Fort LauderdaleFL49,9307.11
33321Fort LauderdaleFL46,8488.18
33322Fort LauderdaleFL40,8155.85
33323Fort LauderdaleFL24,0368.09
33324Fort LauderdaleFL46,7719.6
33325Fort LauderdaleFL29,5589.49
33326Fort LauderdaleFL32,8808.69
33327Fort LauderdaleFL23,3498.36
33328Fort LauderdaleFL30,2599.17
33330Fort LauderdaleFL16,19511.12
33331Fort LauderdaleFL22,43612
33332Fort LauderdaleFL10,53415.56
33334Fort LauderdaleFL29,7804.97
33351Fort LauderdaleFL35,1735.95
33394Fort LauderdaleFL00.02

Fort Lauderdale Zip Code Map

Click on the image to see our original zip code map of Fort Lauderdale with interstate highways.

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