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Fort Worth Zip Code Map

Fort Worth Zip Code Table

Fort Worth includes zip codes from 76102 to 76179. Our map contains the interstate highways and postal regions in the area. This map is helpful for finding postal addresses. It’s good for residents, businesses, and realtors. Feel free to download it at no cost for personal use.

Zip CodeNameStatePopulationSquare Miles
76102Fort WorthTX11,9994.74
76103Fort WorthTX15,2516.46
76104Fort WorthTX22,5855.75
76105Fort WorthTX23,9095.65
76106Fort WorthTX38,49314.71
76107Fort WorthTX35,14411.01
76108Fort WorthTX46,85443.76
76109Fort WorthTX28,4858.02
76110Fort WorthTX33,1686.11
76111Fort WorthTX25,0747.35
76112Fort WorthTX41,28410.83
76114Fort WorthTX29,6478.64
76115Fort WorthTX21,7824.43
76116Fort WorthTX49,95312.62
76118Fort WorthTX15,93710.11
76119Fort WorthTX48,33516.75
76120Fort WorthTX17,8317.78
76122Fort WorthTX00.05
76123Fort WorthTX38,5729.24
76126Fort WorthTX25,63672.4
76129Fort WorthTX00.09
76131Fort WorthTX49,16016.06
76132Fort WorthTX26,1447.37
76133Fort WorthTX51,5449.46
76134Fort WorthTX25,8738.41
76135Fort WorthTX21,98131.15
76137Fort WorthTX60,21913.56
76140Fort WorthTX31,13728.96
76148Fort WorthTX25,5644.78
76155Fort WorthTX4,9983.28
76164Fort WorthTX17,5483.72
76177Fort WorthTX24,86922.18
76179Fort WorthTX71,14656.5

Forth Worth Zip Code Map

Click on the image to see our original zip code map of Fort Worth with highways.

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