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7 GIS Internships To Kickstart Your Career

GIS Internships

GIS Internships to Kickstart Your Career

Are you looking to gain hands-on experience in the exciting field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)? GIS internships are a good chance for students and recent graduates to build skills and explore GIS careers.

Internships offer valuable experience and knowledge, which can help start a successful GIS career. Not only that, but the contacts you make during your internship can prove to be invaluable when looking for a full-time job in GIS.

1. Esri Internships

Esri Internships

Esri’s Internship Program gives college students exposure to the geospatial industry. In this program, they can get practical experience with Esri software and connect with like-minded professionals.

The program also provides an opportunity to explore potential career paths at Esri. For instance, you can take part in Esri Intern Hackathons where teams can collaborate and brainstorm new ideas. Finally, you get to participate in fun mixers, create apps, and conduct research related to the geospatial industry.

2. GIS Jobs Clearinghouse


The GIS Jobs Clearinghouse is a platform that offers job postings for GIS professionals from around the world. While it does not offer internships exclusively, the Clearinghouse is a great resource for finding potential employers who may be offering geoinformatics internships.

In addition to providing job postings, the Clearinghouse also provides resources for job seekers. With its wide range of job opportunities, the GIS Jobs Clearinghouse can be an invaluable tool for any aspiring GIS professional.

3. National Park Service Internships

NPS GIS Internship Program

The focus of the NPS GIS internship program is National Park-focused GIS training and development. An internship typically lasts 16 to 25 weeks in an NPS GIS office.

In addition to gaining valuable experience in GIS, interns can work with seasoned professionals. They can learn about the NPS mission and the various ways the NPS uses GIS in the organization.

Interns will also provide training in GIS training and development. Some internships may also include opportunities to travel and participate in fieldwork.

4. Bureau of Land Management Internships

BLM Internships

The BLM provides internships for students interested in conservation and GIS. Interns work at a BLM office anywhere in the United States depending on the availability of positions.

Interns typically work with BLM staff to support wildlife. This can include analyzing data and creating maps using GIS technology. They may also be involved in other activities such as developing training materials and assisting with research projects.

5. American Association of Geographers Internships

AAG Internships

The AAG offers a variety of internship opportunities including fieldwork, research, and assistantships. Interns gain valuable experience in their chosen field while gaining an understanding of the profession and the AAG’s role in it.

Interns may also gain hands-on experience with the latest technology and modern approaches to GIS and remote sensing. For instance, AAG internships may include a wide range of fields like conservation, energy, and agriculture.

6. GIS Jobs

GIS Jobs Internships

The GIS Jobs website provides a variety of listings, including both full-time and part-time GIS jobs, as well as internships in the field. The website is an excellent resource for exploring potential GIS internship opportunities. These jobs are generally offered by government agencies, non-profits, and private companies.

These organizations use GIS technology to achieve their goals. They also offer internships to gain hands-on experience with GIS tools. In addition, these internships offer networking opportunities to advance GIS careers.

7. GIS Corps Geoinformatics Internships

GIS Corps Volunteering

Although GIS Corps does not offer GIS internships, it has volunteer opportunities to help kickstart your career. These volunteer opportunities let students gain practical experience in GIS and related technologies.

Volunteers can work on project-based assignments like collecting data, analyzing, developing applications, mapping, and managing databases. However, the main focus is on opportunities that serve humanitarian purposes and have a meaningful impact on the greater good.

GIS Internships

From Esri to AAG and NPS, there are plenty of GIS internships for you to grow as a GIS professional and kickstart your GIS career.

Another opportunity is to try freelancing your GIS skills. I’ve found pay rates to be extremely low. But it can still help fill in gaps in your CV/resume.

But did we miss any? Please let us know of any other sources of GIS internships in the comment section below.

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    1. Thank you – excellent info for anybody wanting to know all things GIS!
      What would be the best approach to internship scouting for a high schooler? Thanks again!

      1. That’s a good question. I never really considered high school students. But I guess it’s never too early to start. Let’s see if someone else might be able to comment for some ideas.

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