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Indianapolis Neighborhood Map

Downtown Indianapolis

Downtown Indianapolis is in the central part of the city. It’s situated at the confluence of several major highways (mostly I-65 and I-70). One of its main attractions here is Monument Circle. This area features the iconic Soldiers and Sailors Monument.

Indianapolis Downtown Map

Broad Ripple

Broad Ripple is a neighborhood in the northern part of Indianapolis. You can find it along the White River and is close to the Monon Trail. One of its main attractions is the Indianapolis Art Center, which hosts various art exhibits throughout the year.

Indianapolis Broad Ripple Map

Mass Ave (Massachusetts Avenue)

Massachusetts Avenue is a historic and walkable district. This neighborhood is in the northeastern part of Downtown Indianapolis. Here, you can find the Murat Theatre, which hosts performances and events.

Indianapolis Mass Ave Map

Fountain Square

Fountain Square is located southeast of Downtown Indianapolis. It’s an artsy neighborhood. Make sure to check out Fountain Square Theatre Building, which hosts live music and even vintage duckpin bowling.

Indianapolis Fountain Square Map


Irvington is a mature neighborhood, located on the east side of Indianapolis. Feel the nostalgia here. It will give you a small-town feel with its stylish cottages and everything about it.

Indianapolis Irvington Map


Meridian-Kessler is a desirable residential area with beautiful homes. It’s situated in north-central Indianapolis. This area also includes the historic Meridian Street corridor.

Indianapolis Meridian-Kessler Map

Garfield Park

Garfield Park is on the south side of Indianapolis. It is named after the expansive Garfield Park. This is Indianapolis’ oldest city park. This park is known for its sunken gardens and conservatory.

Indianapolis Garfield Park Map

Indianapolis Neighborhood Map

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