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Kansas City Neighborhood Map

Neighborhoods in Kansas City

Welcome to Kansas City, where the heart of the Midwest beats with culture and friendly communities! This Kansas City neighborhood map is your guide to exploring the diverse districts of KC.


Known for its liveliness, Westport is a neighborhood with a wide array of restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues. Its vintage architecture and friendly atmosphere make it a favorite destination for locals and visitors.


With its quaint, walkable streets and a mix of local shops and restaurants, Brookside exudes a small-town vibe in the heart of the city. This family-friendly neighborhood is characterized by beautiful homes and proximity to the Trolley Track Trail.

Kansas City JC Nichols Fountain
The JC Nichols Fountain in Kansas City JC


Named after British writer Ralph Waldo Emerson, Waldo is a welcoming neighborhood with a strong sense of community. It offers a mix of historic homes, unique shops, and diverse eateries, attracting residents seeking a suburban feel with urban amenities.


The beating heart of Kansas City, Downtown is a mix of entertainment, cultural attractions, and modern living. From the iconic Union Station to the Power & Light District’s nightlife, this area is alive with energy day and night.

Northeast Kansas City

Comprising several diverse neighborhoods, the Northeast is rich in culture with a mix of historic landmarks and immigrant communities. This area has a strong sense of community and is renowned for its authentic ethnic cuisine.

Kansas City Skyline The Scout Statue
Kansas City Skyline and the Scout Statue

The Crossroads Arts District

A hub for creativity and culture, The Crossroads boasts an abundance of art galleries, studios, and hip boutiques. This trendy neighborhood hosts First Fridays, a monthly art-centric event, for drawing art enthusiasts and those seeking a lively arts scene.

Country Club Plaza

A Kansas City landmark, Country Club Plaza features Spanish-inspired architecture, upscale shopping, and fine dining. This iconic district is a blend of luxury, making it a must-visit for anyone into shopping.

River Market

Nestled along the Missouri River, River Market is a neighborhood with a historic marketplace, fresh produce vendors, and local artisans. Its food scene and proximity to downtown make it a lively and trendy place to explore.

Kansas City National WWI Museum and Memorial
National WWI Museum and Memorial in Kansas City

Hyde Park

This historic neighborhood showcases stunning Victorian and Queen Anne-style homes, surrounded by beautiful parks. Hyde Park appeals to those seeking a tranquil residential environment close to the city’s amenities.


A hidden gem in Kansas City, Longfellow is a quiet and diverse neighborhood with a mix of historic and modern homes. Its community gardens and green spaces create a peaceful oasis within the city.

Kansas City Neighborhood Map

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