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Map of Kazakhstan

This map of Kazakhstan features its major cities, towns, roads, lakes, and rivers. Satellite imagery and an elevation map reveal its mountains, depressions, deserts, and grasslands.


Kazakhstan Map

Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia, next to the Caspian Sea. It’s situated northwest of China and southwest of Russia. In the south, it also borders the countries of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. Kazakhstan is the world’s largest landlocked country without any coastline. Despite its large size, it has one of the lowest population densities in the world. Within Kazakhstan, there is a 90-kilometer buffer, Baikonur Cosmodrome, that it leases to Russia as a space launch facility. It’s also home to the largest lake in the world in the southwest, the Caspian Sea. The capital is Nur-Sultan but the largest city is Almaty.


Kazakhstan Satellite Map

Kazakhstan occupies an area of 2,724,900 square kilometers (1,052,100 sq mi), which makes it the 9th largest country in the world. One of the major geographic features in Kazakhstan is the Kazakh Steppe (Great Dala). This vast swath of open grassland lies in the northern region covering 800,000 square kilometers. Another prominent feature is the Betpaqdala Desert, which is a mostly flat desert in eastern Kazakhstan. Forests cover anywhere from 1 to 5% of Kazakhstan and are one of the least forested countries in terms of area. While the Irtysh River is the longest river, the Caspian Sea is its largest lake.


Kazakhstan Physical Map

The country of Kazakhstan is mostly composed of dry, grassy steppe in the west. Then, it transitions to the Altai Mountains in the east and deserts and Kazakh Upland in the central area. Both the Caspian Depression and Ustyurt Plateau lie in the west. Whereas the eastern region is dominated by the Alataw and Tarbagatay Range. At 7,010 meters (23,000 ft), Khan Tengri is the highest point in Kazakhstan. Whereas the lowest point is Vpadina Kaundy at 132 meters below sea level.

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