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Uzbekistan Map – Cities and Roads

Uzbekistan Map
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Uzbekistan is a country located in Central Asia. This Uzbekistan map collection shows cities, towns, highways, roads, lakes, and rivers with satellite imagery and an elevation map.

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About the map

Uzbekistan World Map
Uzbekistan on a World Map

Uzbekistan is a dry, landlocked country in Central Asia with large swaths of deserts. It borders five countries including Kazakhstan to the north, Kyrgyzstan to the northeast, Tajikistan to the southeast, Afghanistan to the south, and Turkmenistan to the southwest.

Tashkent is the capital and largest city of Uzbekistan located in the northeast near the border with Kazakhstan. Other major cities include Samarqand, Fergana, and Namangan.

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Uzbekistan Satellite Map

Uzbekistan occupies an area of 447,400 square kilometers (172,700 sq mi). In comparison, it’s smaller than Turkmenistan but larger than Morocco. The Aral Sea was once the 4th largest lake in the world in the north of Uzbekistan.

But it is shrinking and has dried up in parts because of diverted water flow from the Soviet Union. Kyzylkum Desert is the 15th largest desert covering the central region of Uzbekistan. Whereas the Ustyurt Plateau is situated to the west. Uzbekistan’s most densely populated region is to the east side of the country.

Uzbekistan Satellite Map


Uzbekistan Elevation Map

Uzbekistan is a mix of plains interspersed with low hills, plateaus, rolling plains, and mountains. For example, the Ustyurt Plateau lies in northwest Uzbekistan between the Aral Sea and the Amu Darya. Directly beside the plateau is the Turan Depression to the east.

The most elevated region of Uzbekistan is the Gissar Range which stretches into Uzbekistan from Tajikistan. At 4,643 meters (15,233 ft), it is the highest peak in Uzbekistan, which is part of the Gissar Range in the Pamir Mountains.

Uzbekistan Hillshade Map

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