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Las Vegas Zip Code Map

Las Vegas Zip Code Table

Explore the zip codes of Las Vegas with this map. This color-coded map is your key to learning the postal regions of “Sin City”. Download this Las Vegas zip code map for personal reference.

Zip CodeNameStatePopulationSquare Miles
89101Las VegasNV50,7465.33
89102Las VegasNV38,9425.21
89103Las VegasNV49,9816.21
89104Las VegasNV44,4125.12
89106Las VegasNV26,1025.12
89107Las VegasNV37,3955.92
89108Las VegasNV76,9399.33
89109Las VegasNV10,1893.8
89110Las VegasNV75,41810.29
89113Las VegasNV33,98810.85
89115Las VegasNV68,45621.41
89117Las VegasNV56,3019.24
89118Las VegasNV25,04410.56
89119Las VegasNV50,77012.72
89120Las VegasNV24,9017.2
89121Las VegasNV67,2279.28
89122Las VegasNV56,90110.25
89123Las VegasNV62,75910.56
89124Las VegasNV2,153731.55
89128Las VegasNV384715.91
89129Las VegasNV57,0659.93
89130Las VegasNV35,7547.32
89131Las VegasNV52,42616.03
89134Las VegasNV24,3476.62
89135Las VegasNV33,99812.34
89138Las VegasNV22,4819.6
89139Las VegasNV44,52410.31
89141Las VegasNV38,86610.86
89142Las VegasNV38,1115.43
89143Las VegasNV14,0613.48
89144Las VegasNV19,2754.56
89145Las VegasNV26,2954.53
89146Las VegasNV20,9204.55
89147Las VegasNV56,3277.21
89148Las VegasNV66,0808.4
89149Las VegasNV40,14313.26
89154Las VegasNV00.26
89156Las VegasNV29,79122.91
89158Las VegasNV00.21
89161Las VegasNV511161.27
89165Las VegasNV016.24
89166Las VegasNV22,41815.16
89169Las VegasNV23,1583.56
89178Las VegasNV40,37427.29
89179Las VegasNV11,3121.24
89183Las VegasNV42,6966.9

Las Vegas Zip Code Map

Click on the image to see our original zip code map of Las Vegas with major interstate highways.

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