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Nevada State Map – Places and Landmarks

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About the map

This Nevada State Map shows major landmarks and places in Nevada. Our map features national forests, military bases, preserves, wildlife refuges, and federal lands.

Nevada Map Extent

There are endless things to do in Nevada. I like visiting the Grand Canyon and the famous Hoover Dam. Of course, you can also uncover Nevada’s rich history in downtown Reno.

Great Basin National Park has scenic drives in the South Snake mountains eventually to the 4000-meter Wheeler Peak. Plus, Death Valley National Park is the hottest, driest, and lowest national park in the United States with steady droughts and record heat.

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Federal lands

National Park (NP)

Great Basin National Park
Death Valley National Park

National Forests (NF)

Toiyabe NF
Inyo NF
Humboldt NF

National Wildlife Refuge (NWR)

Ash Meadows NWR
Lake Mohave NWR
Pahranagat NWR
Stillwater NWR

Fallon NWR
Ruby Lake NWR
Anaho Island NWR
Sheldon NWR

National Conservation Area (NCA)

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area

Other Landmarks

Stillwater Wildlife Management Area
Black Rock Desert/High Rock Canyon
Mohave Desert

Nevada lakes, rivers and reservoirs

Lakes, rivers and reservoirs

Lake Mead
Lahontan Reservoir
Rye Patch Reservoir

Humboldt River
Lake Tahoe
Atlantic Ocean

Indian Reserves (IR)

Fort Mojave IR
Moapa River IR
Las Vegas Colony IR
Duckwater IR
Fallon IR
Yerington IR
Walker River IR
Yomba IR

Te-Moak IR
Goshute IR
Pyramid Lake IR
Reno-Sparks IR
Fort McDermitt IR
Summit Lake IR
Duck Valley IR

Army, naval and military

Central Nevada Test Site Base Camp
Nellis Air Force Range
Nevada Test Site
Nellis Air Force Base
Fallon Naval Air Station
Fallon Naval Target Range
Hawthorne Army Ammunition Depot
Wendover Air Force Auxiliary Field

Nevada Map – Landmarks and places

Las Vegas
Carson City
Carlin Elko

Battle Mountain
Round Mountain

State capital

Carson City

City Maps of Nevada


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