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Long Beach Zip Code Map

Long Beach Zip Code Table

Understand the postal regions with our zip code map. Download this map for your reference. The table below includes all the zip codes in the Long Beach area.

Zip CodeNameStatePopulationSquare Miles
90802Long BeachCA39,8586.1
90803Long BeachCA34,9994.51
90804Long BeachCA42,3702.2
90805Long BeachCA94,2877.5
90806Long BeachCA43,5263.82
90807Long BeachCA31,9475.02
90808Long BeachCA38,0947.73
90810Long BeachCA37,7426.31
90813Long BeachCA58,6394.09
90814Long BeachCA18,0061.34
90815Long BeachCA39,8526.94
90822Long BeachCA00.53
90840Long BeachCA00.49

Long Beach Zip Code Map

Click on the image to see our original zip code map of Long Beach with major interstate highways.

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