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Nashville Crime Map

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Dangerous Neighborhoods in Nashville

Navigate Nashville’s safety landscape with this Nashville crime map. Stay informed about reported incidents across different neighborhoods to make informed decisions and enhance your awareness while exploring Music City.

North Nashville

Situated north of downtown, North Nashville has experienced historically higher crime rates, primarily related to property crime and violent offenses. While ongoing community efforts aim to address these issues, residents should remain vigilant and take necessary precautions in this area.

East Nashville (Certain Areas)

While East Nashville as a whole is a trendy neighborhood, certain pockets have experienced higher crime rates, particularly related to property crime and theft. Areas near Dickerson Pike and some parts of Cleveland Park have historically faced safety concerns.


Located in the northwest part of Nashville, Bordeaux has faced challenges with property crime, burglaries, and thefts. Community organizations and law enforcement have been working to improve safety. Despite its revitalization efforts, Bordeaux remains one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Nashville for violent crimes and property vandalism.

Nashville Downtown Crime Map

It’s important to remember that crime rates can vary over time. Many neighborhoods in Nashville are safe. Staying informed about the safety of different areas and taking precautionary measures can help ensure a positive experience while living in or visiting Music City.

Tennessee map collection

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