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New York City Crime Map


Harlem has historically faced higher crime rates. For instance, poverty, unemployment, and drug-related issues contributed to the challenges.

New York City Harlem Map

South Bronx

The South Bronx neighborhood has really struggled with crime, arson, and urban decay. Some of the major contributing factors are poverty, unemployment, and a lack of affordable housing.

New York City South Bronx Map

East New York, Brooklyn

East New York continues to face elevated crime rates for many years. This is driven by factors such as poverty, gang activity, and drug-related problems.

New York City East New York Map


Brownsville has been known for higher crime rates, including gang-related violence and drug activities. In the past, socioeconomic factors and a lack of resources have contributed to its challenges.

New York City Brownsville Map

East Harlem

Like other neighborhoods on this list, East Harlem experienced higher crime rates. Due to poverty, drug trade, and other socioeconomic challenges, violent crime rates have contributed to their higher rates.

New York City East Harlem Map

Dangerous Neighborhoods in New York City

Our crime map of New York City can help you get around safely in the Big Apple. While New York City is a global icon, it’s helpful to be aware of crime statistics in neighborhoods. Here are neighborhoods with higher crime rates.

NeighborhoodLocationTypes of Crimes
HarlemUpper Manhattan, north of Central ParkCommon crimes are drug trafficking, violent confrontations, and street theft.
South BronxSouthern Bronx, including neighborhoods like Mott HavenGang-related activity, violent crimes including murder, and home break-ins.
East New YorkEastern Brooklyn, near the Brooklyn-Queens borderFrequent shootings, drug-related offenses, and vandalism or theft of property.
BrownsvilleCentral Brooklyn, near Crown HeightsHigh rates of violent crime, family or intimate partner violence, and drug activity.
East HarlemUpper Manhattan, east of Fifth Avenue and north of 96th StreetCommon issues include street muggings, physical altercations, and drug-related incidents.

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