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New York City Zip Code Map

New York City Zip Code Table

Learn the zip codes of the “Big Apple”. Download it today so you can better identify postal addresses. The table below includes all the zip codes in the New York City area.

Zip CodeNameStatePopulationSquare Miles
10001New YorkNY29,4820.65
10002New YorkNY81,6001.14
10003New YorkNY56,2360.56
10004New YorkNY5,3290.52
10005New YorkNY6,5720.07
10006New YorkNY3,2690.07
10007New YorkNY8,0590.23
10009New YorkNY63,1771.08
10010New YorkNY27,2750.48
10011New YorkNY52,2691.1
10012New YorkNY24,7010.32
10013New YorkNY29,8130.84
10014New YorkNY29,7030.88
10016New YorkNY61,0020.57
10017New YorkNY15,5970.36
10018New YorkNY8,2540.48
10019New YorkNY45,5051.08
10020New YorkNY1920.05
10021New YorkNY43,6060.38
10022New YorkNY35,3960.5
10023New YorkNY66,3781.19
10024New YorkNY59,0012.51
10025New YorkNY95,3740.93
10026New YorkNY34,4160.4
10027New YorkNY63,1980.9
10028New YorkNY45,9030.39
10029New YorkNY80,2321.01
10030New YorkNY27,2080.27
10031New YorkNY57,0130.6
10032New YorkNY62,3721.78
10033New YorkNY54,9561.42
10034New YorkNY38,1591.34
10035New YorkNY34,1972.13
10036New YorkNY26,7660.41
10037New YorkNY17,7420.33
10038New YorkNY22,4870.37
10039New YorkNY20,1420.44
10040New YorkNY38,5170.59
10044New YorkNY14,0200.44
10065New YorkNY33,5210.4
10069New YorkNY6,9390.07
10075New YorkNY27,3310.2
10128New YorkNY58,6480.55
10168New YorkNY00
10280New YorkNY5,8820.29
10281New YorkNY2,9590.02
10282New YorkNY5,2040.16

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