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North Dakota Lakes and Rivers Map

North Dakota Lakes and Rivers Map

About the map

This map shows rivers, reservoirs, and lakes of North Dakota like Lake Sakakawea and Sheyenne River. In general, rivers in North Dakota flow into the Gulf of Mexico and Hudson Bay.

North Dakota Map Extent

The Missouri River is the longest river in North Dakota flowing for 2,300+ miles. Another large river is the Red River. In fact, this river delineates the eastern boundary of North Dakota.

By far, the largest lake in North Dakota is Lake Sakakawea at 382,000 acres. Next, Lake Oahe is the second largest at 200,000+ acres. These two lakes are followed by Devil’s Lake, Lake Darling, and Lake Ashtabula.

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North Dakota map collection

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North Dakota lakes, rivers and reservoirs

Lakes and reservoirs

Lake Sakakawea
Devils Lake
Long Lake
Stump Lake
Horsehead Lake
Alkaline Lake

Jamestown Reservoir
Lake Ashtabula
Lac Aux Mortes
Lake Darling
Little Muddy River

Rivers and streams

Cannonball River
Sheyenne River
Missouri River
Red River
Heart River
Souris River
James River
Missouri River
Knife River
Cedar Creek
Wild Rice River
Des Lacs River
Maple River

Spring Creek
Beaver Creek
Maple River
Pipestem Creek
Goose River
Forest River
Park River
Tongue River
Pembina River
Souris River
Cut Bank Creek
White Earth River

City Maps of North Dakota


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