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Oakland Crime Map

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Dangerous Neighborhoods in Oakland

Our Oakland crime map is your key to understanding the safety landscape of this city in California. By using this heat map, we hope you can be aware of crime statistics in neighborhoods.

East Oakland

East Oakland has been known for higher crime rates compared to other neighborhoods. It covers a large area east of Lake Merritt and is characterized by a diverse population and varied socioeconomic conditions. While there are safe communities within East Oakland, certain areas have experienced higher instances of crime.


Fruitvale is situated in East Oakland, near the Fruitvale BART station. While this neighborhood is culturally rich, it has faced challenges related to crime in the past. Specifically, International Boulevard is a dangerous street with shootings and violent crimes.

West Oakland

West Oakland has also struggled with higher crime rates historically. It is in the west of downtown Oakland and has undergone significant changes to address crime and safety concerns. With that said, West Oakland is one of the most dangerous for gang and drug trafficking.

Please remember that crime rates can vary within neighborhoods, and it’s important to exercise caution. For up-to-date and detailed crime statistics, we recommend checking with the Oakland Police Department or other official sources.

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