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Oklahoma City Zip Code Map

Behold our Oklahoma City zip code map. Also referred to as the “OKC”, this color-coded map showcases postal regions spanning across Oklahoma City. We allow anyone to download this map for personal use so print it today.

Oklahoma City map collection

Oklahoma City Zip Code Table

The table below includes all the zip codes in the Oklahoma City area with population and area. Don’t forget to check out our map of Oklahoma City for street and general city information.

Zip CodeNameStatePopulationSquare Miles
73102Oklahoma CityOK1,9030.76
73103Oklahoma CityOK4,5871.18
73104Oklahoma CityOK3,5571.54
73105Oklahoma CityOK5,7794.56
73106Oklahoma CityOK16,8183.11
73107Oklahoma CityOK28,4357.54
73108Oklahoma CityOK16,0857.82
73109Oklahoma CityOK22,2395.28
73110Oklahoma CityOK32,93510.83
73111Oklahoma CityOK12,0618.93
73112Oklahoma CityOK31,3147.57
73114Oklahoma CityOK18,8379.93
73115Oklahoma CityOK21,4436
73116Oklahoma CityOK9,3044.6
73117Oklahoma CityOK6,2617.21
73118Oklahoma CityOK14,3344.97
73119Oklahoma CityOK33,0356.6
73120Oklahoma CityOK37,31715.45
73121Oklahoma CityOK2,9428.52
73122Oklahoma CityOK12,9703.46
73127Oklahoma CityOK26,32011.46
73128Oklahoma CityOK6,46610.02
73129Oklahoma CityOK20,76911.12
73130Oklahoma CityOK21,7509.78
73131Oklahoma CityOK4,81312.97
73132Oklahoma CityOK27,7397.41
73134Oklahoma CityOK6,7053.66
73135Oklahoma CityOK22,45710.6
73139Oklahoma CityOK17,6984.41
73141Oklahoma CityOK2,59311.59
73142Oklahoma CityOK15,8787.88
73145Oklahoma CityOK2,8655.71
73149Oklahoma CityOK5,7176
73150Oklahoma CityOK4,88218.46
73151Oklahoma CityOK1,8014.47
73159Oklahoma CityOK34,33713.66
73160Oklahoma CityOK60,93422.81
73162Oklahoma CityOK28,8277.26
73165Oklahoma CityOK7,19647.03
73169Oklahoma CityOK2,6608.73
73170Oklahoma CityOK39,11421.25
73173Oklahoma CityOK2,42613.86
73179Oklahoma CityOK6,1919.93

Oklahoma City Zip Code Map

Click on the image to see our original zip code map of Oklahoma with major interstate highways.

Oklahoma map collection

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