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Salt Lake City Zip Code Map

Salt Lake City Zip Code Table

Are you in search of a zip code map of Salt Lake City? You’ve come to the right place. We allow you to download our zip code map for free download for personal use. Also, check out the table below that includes all the zip codes in the Salt Lake City area.

Zip CodeNameStatePopulationSquare Miles
84101Salt Lake CityUT7,6021.85
84102Salt Lake CityUT18,3371.76
84103Salt Lake CityUT24,6368.14
84104Salt Lake CityUT25,33520.4
84105Salt Lake CityUT22,6183.02
84106Salt Lake CityUT36,6845.97
84107Salt Lake CityUT36,5077.66
84108Salt Lake CityUT21,69666.13
84109Salt Lake CityUT24,43928.88
84111Salt Lake CityUT11,9671.43
84112Salt Lake CityUT7850.84
84113Salt Lake CityUT1,7091.04
84115Salt Lake CityUT27,5196.09
84116Salt Lake CityUT39,09721.82
84117Salt Lake CityUT25,2925.54
84118Salt Lake CityUT41,34912.76
84121Salt Lake CityUT42,91276.5
84122Salt Lake CityUT00.07
84123Salt Lake CityUT38,0917.8
84124Salt Lake CityUT21,65831.32
84129Salt Lake CityUT39,6347.2
84138Salt Lake CityUT00
84143Salt Lake CityUT00.02
84150Salt Lake CityUT00.06

Salt Lake City Zip Code Map

Click on the image to see our original zip code map of Salt Lake City with major highways.

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