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San Antonio Zip Code Map

San Antonio Zip Code Table

Introducing our San Antonio zip code map. This map showcases interstate highways and postal regions of “Alamo City”. Download it for free and hang it on your wall for personal use.

Zip CodeNameStatePopulationSquare Miles
78201San AntonioTX44,9307.15
78202San AntonioTX13,4822.47
78203San AntonioTX5,8231.32
78204San AntonioTX13,7822.78
78205San AntonioTX2,5050.98
78206San AntonioTX00.01
78207San AntonioTX57,1977.55
78208San AntonioTX5,3191.01
78209San AntonioTX41,41010.03
78210San AntonioTX37,0777.61
78211San AntonioTX31,37310.03
78212San AntonioTX29,7207.05
78213San AntonioTX39,3487.8
78214San AntonioTX23,98513.41
78215San AntonioTX5,1091.05
78216San AntonioTX38,21614.08
78217San AntonioTX31,6849.93
78218San AntonioTX35,92110.92
78219San AntonioTX15,62014.36
78220San AntonioTX17,68110.89
78221San AntonioTX40,02932.82
78222San AntonioTX23,85216.61
78223San AntonioTX55,96342.96
78224San AntonioTX20,46815.29
78225San AntonioTX12,8181.91
78226San AntonioTX6,9193.85
78227San AntonioTX48,30413.88
78228San AntonioTX60,08711.29
78229San AntonioTX29,0895.68
78230San AntonioTX42,15410.38
78231San AntonioTX11,1124.54
78232San AntonioTX36,85911.92
78233San AntonioTX48,67413.86
78235San AntonioTX2,4882.13
78237San AntonioTX35,8127.02
78238San AntonioTX26,9049.32
78239San AntonioTX31,7686.72
78240San AntonioTX58,15911.24
78242San AntonioTX32,8677.82
78243San AntonioTX2400.35
78244San AntonioTX35,9947.24
78245San AntonioTX92,81133.29
78247San AntonioTX51,27013.07
78248San AntonioTX13,2984
78249San AntonioTX57,06514.76
78250San AntonioTX54,1899.66
78251San AntonioTX60,57414.55
78252San AntonioTX19,38530.45
78253San AntonioTX65,35552.46
78254San AntonioTX74,18525.86
78255San AntonioTX17,98517.39
78256San AntonioTX14,5218.37
78257San AntonioTX11,15957.48
78258San AntonioTX52,07717.04
78259San AntonioTX29,58017.32
78260San AntonioTX35,18424.09
78261San AntonioTX25,70827.99
78263San AntonioTX511143.24
78264San AntonioTX14,17373.41
78266San AntonioTX6,99339.62

San Antonio Zip Code Map

Click on the image to see our original zip code map of San Antonio with major interstate highways.

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