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San Diego Crime Map

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San Diego Crime Map Neighborhoods

Our San Diego crime map is your guide to understanding the safety landscape of this sunny coastal city. While San Diego is a classy city in itself, it’s also important to stay informed about crime statistics in neighborhoods.

City Heights

City Heights is a neighborhood located in the mid-city region of San Diego, California. This neighborhood has struggled with higher crime rates due to a combination of factors, including a dense population, socioeconomic challenges, and gang activity.

Southeastern San Diego

Southeastern San Diego refers to a broad region in the southeastern part of the city. This area has faced higher crime rates linked to poverty, lack of economic opportunities, and gang presence.

Logan Heights

Logan Heights is just south of the downtown area and is bordered by Interstate 5 to the west and State Route 15 to the east. Historically, Logan Heights faced crime issues stemming from gang-related activities.

Barrio Logan

Barrio Logan is located just south of downtown San Diego and is bordered by San Diego Bay to the south, and the neighborhoods of Logan Heights and East Village to the north and east, respectively. Historically, Barrio Logan has had challenges related to property crime and gang activity.

San Diego Downtown Crime Map

Although these neighborhoods have higher crime rates, they have also undergone revitalization efforts to promote positive change. Please keep in mind that crime rates can fluctuate and we encourage you to refer to current San Diego crime data.

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