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San Diego Crime Map

San Diego Crime Map Neighborhoods

Our San Diego crime map is your guide to understanding safety of this sunny coastal city. While San Diego is a “classy” city in itself (shout out to Ron Burgundy), it’s also important to stay informed about crime statistics in neighborhoods.

NeighborhoodLocationTypes of Crimes
City HeightsCentral San Diego, east of Balboa ParkOne of the worst neighborhoods in the United States. Property crimes, thefts, burglaries, and occasional assaults.
Southeastern San DiegoSouth of Downtown, encompassing several smaller neighborhoodsHigh rates of property crimes, violent incidents, and drug-related offenses.
Logan HeightsSoutheast of Downtown San Diego, near Chicano ParkTheft, burglaries, assaults, and occasional shootings.
Barrio LoganSouth of Downtown, adjacent to the waterfrontProperty crimes, vandalism, drug-related offenses, and occasional violence.

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  1. Please include a legend with a coloring scheme that matches the rates of crime denoted by the colors on the map.
    Thank you

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