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San Diego Zip Code Map

Check out our San Diego zip code map, which includes interstate highways and postal regions. This map can help ensure that San Diego lives up to its nickname as “America’s Finest City”. At least, for reliable postal services and accurate addressing within the city. Download it for free and for personal use.

San Diego map collection

San Diego Zip Code Table

The table below includes all the zip codes in the San Diego area with population and area. Don’t forget to check out our map of San Diego for transportation and general city information.

Zip CodeNameStatePopulationSquare Miles
92101San DiegoCA47,6864.79
92102San DiegoCA44,4015.23
92103San DiegoCA32,7223.78
92104San DiegoCA46,1183.38
92105San DiegoCA69,5275.69
92106San DiegoCA20,7984.5
92107San DiegoCA28,0103.23
92108San DiegoCA24,8894.9
92109San DiegoCA46,4737.57
92110San DiegoCA26,5515
92111San DiegoCA46,68410.02
92113San DiegoCA55,0794.42
92114San DiegoCA64,4998.32
92115San DiegoCA60,5086.22
92116San DiegoCA31,9853.4
92117San DiegoCA50,9868.71
92119San DiegoCA23,2366.15
92120San DiegoCA31,6006.44
92121San DiegoCA4,95012.82
92122San DiegoCA44,3876.15
92123San DiegoCA29,4357.97
92124San DiegoCA28,1018.39
92126San DiegoCA73,69510.38
92127San DiegoCA49,86422.73
92128San DiegoCA47,15011.72
92129San DiegoCA53,88213.46
92130San DiegoCA60,51319.26
92131San DiegoCA37,50014.12
92134San DiegoCA1940.24
92135San DiegoCA6,1023.26
92136San DiegoCA8,4191.18
92139San DiegoCA37,0953.55
92140San DiegoCA3,6090.6
92145San DiegoCA4,55720.07
92147San DiegoCA1850.09
92152San DiegoCA131.29
92154San DiegoCA88,48737.6
92155San DiegoCA5860.23
92182San DiegoCA00.3

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