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San Francisco Crime Map

San Francisco Crime Map

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Dangerous Neighborhoods in San Francisco

Become more safety aware with this crime map of San Francisco, offering insights into the city’s crime trends and hotspots. Take safety precautions while viewing this crime heat map of “City by the Bay.”

TenderloinHistorically known for higher crime rates and homelessness.
Bayview-Hunters PointHas experienced higher rates of violent crime in the past.
Visitacion ValleySome parts have faced challenges with crime and safety.
Western AdditionCertain areas have had higher crime rates in the past.
Outer MissionHas experienced crime, but there are also safer sections.


Located in the downtown area, Tenderloin has historically faced higher crime rates. This includes drug-related offenses, property crime, and homelessness issues.

Western Addition

This neighborhood has encountered higher crime rates, including property crime and drug-related offenses, with some areas historically facing challenges related to safety.

Mission District

While it’s a popular spot for tourists, the Mission District has faced crime issues such as property crime, assault, and gang-related activities in certain parts of the neighborhood.

Bayview-Hunters Point

Situated in the southeastern part of San Francisco, Bayview-Hunters Point has experienced crime issues linked to poverty, gang activity, and violent incidents.

South of Market (SoMa)

Located in the southeastern part of San Francisco, SoMa has dealt with higher crime rates, especially related to property crime and theft incidents, due to its mix of commercial and residential areas.

It’s important to remember that crime rates can vary over time and improvements in neighborhood conditions can positively impact safety in these areas. Always refer to the most current crime data when considering safety concerns.

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