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Seattle Crime Map

Seattle Crime Map Neighborhoods

While Seattle has a lot of natural beauty, it’s also important to be aware of crime statistics. That’s why we’ve produced this crime map of Seattle in a heat map style of visual. Here is a list of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Seattle.

NeighborhoodLocationTypes of Crimes
First HillCentral Seattle. Near Downtown and Seattle UniversityProperty crimes, thefts, occasional assaults, and drug-related offenses.
Capitol HillEast of Downtown Seattle, known for its nightlifeModerately safe area with theft, burglaries, assaults, and occasional violent incidents.
Rainier ValleySoutheast Seattle, along Rainier Avenue SouthProperty crimes, robberies, assaults, and occasional shootings.
BelltownNorthwest of Downtown Seattle, near the waterfrontAlmost 5X higher than the national average. High rates of property crimes, drug-related offenses, and occasional violent incidents.

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