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Seattle Neighborhood Map

Downtown Seattle

Downtown Seattle is situated in the heart of the city. It’s bordered by the waterfront to the west and Capitol Hill to the east. Belltown is to the north and the International District is to the south. Fun fact, Downtown Seattle is home to the world’s first Starbucks. It opened in 1971 at Pike Place Market.

Seattle Downtown Map

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is located just east of downtown. Walking through Capitol Hill, I feel the energy of creativity and culture. Murals add color to this artistic area of the city. Volunteer Park provides a peaceful green escape just along Prospect Street.

Seattle Capitol Hill Map

Fremont Map

Fun fact, people often refer to this neighborhood as the “Center of the Universe”. Why? Maybe, because of its offbeat culture? It even dates back to the 1970s. A signpost at the intersection of Fremont Avenue and 35th Street points to world locations reinforcing its claim. Also, check out the famous Fremont Troll here. You can find this sculpture under the Aurora Bridge.

Seattle Fremont Map

Uptown/Queen Anne

The cool thing about Uptown is how it’s perched on a hill just north of downtown. It’s also a fun place to be. Just check out our map to see all its attractions. The Space Needle. International Fountain. The Children’s Museum. Find some of the sites in this neighborhood.

Seattle Uptown Map

Pioneer Square

Fun fact, Pioneer Square is Seattle’s oldest neighborhood. As you expect, it’s steeped in history with cobblestone streets paved along the streets. Don’t miss the Underground Tour. This is how to explore the remnants of the original city buried beneath the streets.

Seattle Pioneer Square Map

Green Lake

Green Lake is centered around the lake with the same name. It’s a beautiful area. The lake’s 2.8-mile trail is perfect for joggers, cyclists, and walkers. You can come here year-round and it has a pretty laid-back atmosphere.

Seattle Green Lake Map

Ballard Map

Ballard is situated northwest of downtown. This area has a strong maritime heritage and Scandinavian influence. One key historic landmark is the Ballard Locks. You’ll find breweries and all sorts of tasty food here. Also, we recommend you visit the Ballard Farmers Market and Nordic Museum.

Seattle Ballard Map

Columbia City

Columbia City is in the southeastern part of Seattle. It’s a diverse neighborhood. There is a weekly farmers market here. This kind of gives it a small town feel. One highlight is the Columbia City Theater, which hosts live performances.

Seattle Columbia City Map

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