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US Election of 1812 Map

James Madison vs DeWitt Clinton

US Election 1812

In 1812, Louisiana was granted statehood so it took part in the 7th presidential election.

DeWitt Clinton took on James Madison for president. The results were close with James Madison barely winning with just over 50% of the popular vote.

Up to this point, it was the closest election in history. But voter turnout was poor, partly because the country was in the War of 1812.

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James Madison

Fourth president of the United States

Vice President: Elbridge Gerry
Total Electoral Votes: 128
Electoral Vote: 59%
Political Party: Democratic-Republican

James Madison

1812 Election Timeline

1800: Thomas Jefferson
1804: Thomas Jefferson
1808: James Madison
1812: James Madison
1816: James Monroe
1820: James Monroe
1824: John Quincy Adams
1828: Andrew Jackson

US Election 1812 Timeline

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