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US Election of 1832 Map

Jackson vs Clay vs Floyd vs Wirt

US Election 1832

In 1832, Andrew Jackson sought re-election for a second term. His opponent was Henry Clay from the newly formed National Republican party.

A third party called the “Anti-Masonic Party” opposed the elite and corrupt. William Wirt spearheaded this party and classified both Clay and Jackson as being part of “freemasonry”.

Despite an additional party to compete with, Andrew Jackson earned 219 electoral votes in the 12th US presidential election.

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1828 Election Map

Andrew Jackson

Seventh president of the United States (second term)

Vice President: Martin Van Buren
Total Electoral Votes: 219
Electoral Vote: 77%
Political Party: Jacksonian Democratic

Andrew Jackson

1832 Election Timeline

1820: James Monroe
1824: John Quincy Adams
1828: Andrew Jackson
1832: Andrew Jackson
1836: Martin Van Buren
1840: William Henry Harrison
1844: James Polk
1848: Zachary Taylor

US Election 1832 Timeline

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