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US Election of 1844 Map

James Polk vs Henry Clay

US Election 1844

This was the 15th presidential election. But John Tyler actually dropped out for re-election.

James Polk emerged as a dark horse candidate, basically coming out of nowhere. His main idea was to expand the United States from east to west.

This widely popular belief helped James Polk earn the top spot. In the US election of 1844, he became the 11th president of the United States with 170 electoral votes.

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James Polk

Eleventh president of the United States

Vice President: George M Dallas
Total Electoral Votes: 170
Electoral Vote: 62%
Political Party: Democratic

James Polk

1844 Election Timeline

1832: Andrew Jackson
1836: Martin Van Buren
1840: William Henry Harrison
1844: James Polk
1848: Zachary Taylor
1852: Franklin Pierce
1856: James Buchanan
1860: Abraham Lincoln

US Election 1844 Timeline

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