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US Election of 1840 Map

During Martin Van Buren’s tenure as president, the economy was struggling. As a result, his popularity plummeted along with his vice-president.

As a tale of the times, the Whig Party gained some serious steam. It was William Henry Harrison, who led this party to victory with 234 electoral votes.

But he died only 31 days in office from pneumonia. Due to his death, vice president, John Tyler, took his place by default.

William Henry Harrison

The ninth president of the United States

Vice President: John Tyler
Total Electoral Votes: 234
Electoral Vote: 80%
Political Party: Whig Party

William Harrison

1840 Election Timeline

1828: Andrew Jackson
1832: Andrew Jackson
1836: Martin Van Buren
1840: William Henry Harrison

1844: James Polk
1848: Zachary Taylor
1852: Franklin Pierce
1856: James Buchanan

US Election 1840 Timeline

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