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US Election of 1836 Map

To continue with tradition, Andrew Jackson stepped down as president. Then, vice president Martin Van Buren filled in his spot in the Democratic Party.

It was the first time the newly formed states Arkansas and Michigan participated. After the votes were counted, there was a dispute whether or not Michigan should be included.

But no matter how you counted it, Martin Van Buren became the 8th president of the United States of America. He received 170 electoral votes beating out the Whig Party.

Martin Van Buren

Eighth president of the United States

Vice President: Richard Mentor Johnson
Total Electoral Votes: 170
Electoral Vote: 58%
Political Party: Democratic

Martin Van Buren

1836 Election Timeline

1824: John Quincy Adams
1828: Andrew Jackson
1832: Andrew Jackson
1836: Martin Van Buren

1840: William Henry Harrison
1844: James Polk
1848: Zachary Taylor
1852: Franklin Pierce

US Election 1836 Timeline

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